By noname - France
Today, I was quietly having a bath when I felt something fall onto my shoulder blade. I glanced over my shoulder and saw what I thought were huge black spider legs. I screamed, completely hysterical, and I threw myself violently against a wall. It was my hair. FML
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By  Tygastyle  |  0

hahahaha i actually laughed out loud at this one especially because not only can i see myself doing that but i've already done that once today, in front of all 4 of my roomates

By  brodizzle  |  0

I think I've flipped out at my hair a few times... one time I had an actual enormous brown spider sitting on my sleeve after I got out of the shower and put a shirt on. I'm afraid to think what would have happened if it had decided to crawl inside the shirt before I put it on... I probably would have fainted when I felt it. I don't like spiders :(