By blue - 08/09/2011 08:23 - United States

Today, I was put on notice at work due to my "anger problem." Apparently, sighing in a meeting means you will be labeled as someone with a short temper. However the creepy stalker guy is on the fast track to management. FML
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Double posts annoy me.. Good thing you can at least edit them.


wow that sucks sorry OP;(

Got something in your eye, 1? Probably just jizz.

Finn_the_human 5

Struggling with anger problems? Call 1-800-BUDDY

Are you sure the guy is a creepy stalker or are you just being bitter

Well if he's the stalker then what are you doing knowing his every move in career?

Now you have an excuse to flip out on people randomly. Sounds like a good thing to me OP!

wow your boss is a douche!

OP is clearly Alice

Llamassss 21

Omg 22, you're so beautiful, I'm going to stalk you now! What? I'm promoted? Yay :)

*sigh* I know, but I just can't get over the fact that somebody ate my Doritos. I WOULD'VE SHARED!!!! *sigh*

stacianichole 2


Hey! Drop that attitude of yours, no need to get angry here #3 >:[

Stalkers always blink their way to the high grounds. If you don't get this its ok, not many people will.

I got it, but it was stupid as hell so I thumbed it down.

You didn't get it.. Trust me.

But, they need sight to blink.

obviousboy 8

Wait wat? Fruitdealer with an sc2 reference. GG

Double posts annoy me.. Good thing you can at least edit them.

Well do you have anger problems?

That's outrageous. They probably just don't like you.

This is a fucking weird place we live in op, I hope you are able to either cope with it or change it for the better

Next time say HULK SMASH and bang your fists on the table.

If this post is anything to go by.. we should all report #3 for their aggressiveness and anger in their comment! :P