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Today, I was pulled over. The cop seemed very familiar. Turns out he was a relative of mine whom I haven't spoken to in a very long time. We had decent conversation and caught up. He still gave me a ticket. FML
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A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do

tylersign 11

The cop has to do his job, no matter what.


A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I automatically read that in a Captain Hammer voice.

On the bright side, OP has something to talk about about over the next family reunion.

All cops are pigs.

A man doesn't always have to do what they have to.. Congradulations Op, you have a jackass family member. He easily could have let you off with a warning, some cops are nice enough to do that, I mean no one breaks the rules of the road that much that they need constant tickets.

bulgeinmypants 0

Even if they are your family, FUCK THE POE-lease

Stalkers 0

It's that time in the month.

55- the way you spelled congratulations... I can actually feel the stupid emanating from your comment...

79- He misspelled one word, and one that many people often misspell. Get a life.

It isn't a hard word. I could spell it before I started elementary school...

Yet you can't spell your first name.

Isn't the use of 'pigs' completely redundant in your post, seeing as 'pig' itself is a derogatory term for a police officer?

Officer - Do you know how fast you were going? Man - 65? Officer - 63.. Man - Officer, isn't the speed limit 65? Officer - Yeah... It is.

Nepotism hardly ever works in this kinda situations.

When duty calls... ;)

Today, I broke the law! I was pulled over for driving irresponsibly! To my amazement the officer was a relative, so I had to be in the clear! Oops, still got that ticket, guess I shouldn't be an idiot ^.^


hugs1976 0

Couldn't have said it better!

Once pen touches pad for a ticket, it legally has to be written. FYL, next time start the convo before he starts!

Oreohugzpenny 4

It depends what you got pulled over for. Like drunk driving or speeding.

don't plan the plan if you can't follow through?

Well clearly it wasnt a decent conversation

iloveryan052710 8

No one is probably ever going to see this, but it can be a decent conversation because he was just doing his job. Her fault for doing something that deserves a ticket.

Don't invite him to your Christmas party

Gondile 4

Better idea. Invite him to your "party" at a certain location. Little does he know that the Ghost of Osama Bin Laden is waiting.

YdoIhaveAchode 4

28- that's the most ridiculous idea I've ever heard. You're stupid.

ImFrackinBored 13

78s name >_>

chickenwalrus 14

and picture!

tylersign 11

The cop has to do his job, no matter what.

tylersign 11

I didn't know prostitutes gave family anythings xD

Wrong comment, foo'

Wrong comment, foo'

hugs1976 0

He/she has probably had to give other family members tickets as well. They can't show favoritism to anyone or it may cost them their job. Good for the cop for not letting OP get out of a ticket.

Its a job, hes gotta do it. Ydi for not obeying the rules.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

We don't know what OP was pulled over for. And let's face it, some laws are simply ridiculous. Also, I've been let off many times by cops I don't even know, so being ticketed by a relative would be a bit of a disappointment.

6: People get out of tickets quite often, and one would think this would happen if they were related.

Boobs and/or doughnuts are a much better way to escape a ticket than blood relation.

The joy to live in a democracy where there is rule of law and no nepotism...people all around the Arab world would literally die for that.

Epsilonyx 15

Not displaying nepotism?! Wow, what a dick move on his part. I'm really sorry, OP. You deserve so much better.

natashax21 5

Oooo big complicated word!! *thumbs up*

How do you know that OP doesn't drown kittens, throw rocks at bald eagles, or imitate Jerry Sandusky? Maybe karma is catching up to OP.

Which word in his sentence was "big" and "complicated"?


I was going to ask what that meant,then I remember-GOOGLE IS MY FRIEND. Spreading awareness.

That's the cost of pleasant conversation I suppose

thatoneitalian 3

Punch him in the throat.. Usually a great idea when dealing with a cop!

Great idea of if you want to get pepper sprayed, yanked out of your car, thrown to te ground, beaten, tasered, beaten again with a baton, shot and arrested... Sure, yeah.

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fatcow282 8

Of course what can go wrong

FMLeveryday23254 1

U fucked?

hugs1976 0

Only a small brained idiot would say something like that. OP did something to warrant being pulled over and given a ticket. It's not the cops fault OP was breaking the law. The cop was only doing his job, just like millions of other people in the US. Cops are NOT the bad guys!

Your gunna get put in the cooler for somethin like that

I guess it pays off to keep in touch with your entire family.