By wrongcar - 03/11/2009 18:00 - United States

Today, I was pulled over and was given a $300 ticket for going 90mph on a 70mph highway. The cop swore he saw my silver car darting in and out of traffic. A couple of minutes earlier that exact car had passed me while I was following the speed limit. FML
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take it to court, you could easily dispute your way out of it.

You could take it to court. Cop cars have a camera in the front windsheild and you could prove it wasnt your car with the license plate.


Fifth....oh wait thats right....nobody cares.

i care. and i happy for you. not everyone gets a chance at being first. congratulations. as for the fifth person... better luck next time?

take it to court, you could easily dispute your way out of it.

Unfortunately, it's the OP's word against the cop's, and everyone knows that cops are infallible gods among men.

It should be on the cops camera. Hopefully he caught the lisense plate number.

the cop swore it had to be you

So the cop got make and model but not licence plate. Grounds to fight it surely. Any traffic cameras that might have caught the other guy?

Yup, cop said you did it, so obviously you did it. No way around it. Fuck police. Take it to court.

Obviously you go to court!

Cops are blind.

YDI for living in a country like that :D

Number 11 - "YDI for living in a country like that :D" he deserves it because he lives in the united states of america? youre pathetic him living in the united states has nothing to do with it... go jump off a bridge. now seeing that youre from "Germany" YOU would say some shit like that pffft nuff said cum bubble.

Says the guy with a profile picture of Pokémon characters that don't look anything like the real ones.

You shouldn't have had road rage and chased the car that was weaving through traffic!

I had a cop tell me I failed to stop at a red light before turning right. I did stop, he was 100 yards back when I came to a full stop, then I inched forward to see around the cars to my left before going without coming to another full stop. Did I mention that this was 2/3 AM (Saturday night, would have been 3 AM DST but was 2 AM Standard time). No ticket, thankfully, but he did have a few choice words about my hat with the pot leaf embroidered on it.

Why would you post this? To prove that you're an idiot?

he was bragging about his kick ass hat. where can i get one?

Simply another reminder to some people that FML is not the new Facebook.

I would like to point out that you can't go right on a red light if there is a car turning left in the same lane. From the way you said it I believe that's what you meant.