By wrongcar - United States
Today, I was pulled over and was given a $300 ticket for going 90mph on a 70mph highway. The cop swore he saw my silver car darting in and out of traffic. A couple of minutes earlier that exact car had passed me while I was following the speed limit. FML
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  Mx_Rider  |  6

Number 11 - "YDI for living in a country like that :D"

he deserves it because he lives in the united states of america? youre pathetic him living in the united states has nothing to do with it... go jump off a bridge.

now seeing that youre from "Germany" YOU would say some shit like that pffft nuff said cum bubble.

By  Kristoffer  |  35

I had a cop tell me I failed to stop at a red light before turning right. I did stop, he was 100 yards back when I came to a full stop, then I inched forward to see around the cars to my left before going without coming to another full stop. Did I mention that this was 2/3 AM (Saturday night, would have been 3 AM DST but was 2 AM Standard time). No ticket, thankfully, but he did have a few choice words about my hat with the pot leaf embroidered on it.

  lexa1love  |  16

I would like to point out that you can't go right on a red light if there is a car turning left in the same lane. From the way you said it I believe that's what you meant.