By fatpreggo - 07/08/2009 20:14 - United States

Today, I was proudly telling my husband that I only gained 8lbs through the pregnancy thus far. I usually obsess over my weight so it was a great accomplishment for me. He then turned and pinched my arms. "well it looks like all the fat migrated to your arms." FML
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bexox 0

Well, you should have thought of that before getting pregnant. Honestly, you need to get over it. You're going to gain weight if you're carrying.

It's healthy to put on weight during pregnancy. YDI for caring more about your weight than your baby.


Better than your tummy/ass :)

bexox 0

Well, you should have thought of that before getting pregnant. Honestly, you need to get over it. You're going to gain weight if you're carrying.

yanni222 0

True, but her husband dosn't need to be an ass about it.

Considering the fml is that she is proud she hasn't been obsessing over it yet the husband chose then to be a bitch about the weight, I'm pretty sure your comment is unwarranted.

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bexox 0

Unwarranted? Not really. She needs to accept the fact that she's going to gain a few pounds during her pregnancy. It's normal and healthy. Trying not to gain weight is what's unhealthy. I just can't believe she's worried about that in pregnancy.

Entity4Infinity 0

well lets see... girls kinda obsess over weight its uncontrolable - trust me im just 16 and its always on my mind and pregnant woman are more into it because they realise theyre gaining beyond control ... the husband should have been a little more supportive guys should know you dont tell girls theyre gaining and its in theyre arms that is beyond uncomplimentary and she wasnt fishing for compliments she was just happy she may have wanted to see what he would say or maybe even bring it up that shes not gaining that much weight. and what are with all these ydi for swimming and crap.... u guys are just idiots. that has nothing to do with this at all. fml should have ppl vote on comments instead of fmls sometimes to see if allowable. some are just retarded.

"girls kinda obsess over weight its uncontrolable" Just so you know, that's bullshit. If it's always on your mind, you're one sad puppy. I choose to live a happy and free life, thank you. As for the OP... I don't know much about weight gain after pregnancy, but I know everyone gets it, so it's not such a big deal. Sometimes it's a lot, sometimes it's not. I don't feel like her husband was being an ass, I think he was just... being a typical guy; pointing out the obvious/making any observation, really, and not realizing it's not what someone wants to hear. If the weight has really all gone to flab in your arms... I don't think I've ever heard of THAT happening, but you can quite easily get rid of that. It's not so bad at all, OP.

"trust me i'm 16" yes, because the opinion of a 16 year old when dealing with marriage and pregnancy is something we all should take heed of.... >.>

Some 16 year olds would know a lot more about marriage and pregnancy than you think..

Kiwi_Splash 0

Since when do you have to be so uptight and cautious about what you say in a marriage? It's a regular conversation. Stop making a big deal about it.

Since men became wrong in our society by default.

cause you know if you worry about your weight your life is miserable.. good justification for being a fatty #109

If it's CONSTANTLY ON YOUR MIND, then yeah, you are a miserable person. I wasn't meaning thinking like "oh, look how tired I am from these stairs, maybe I should get into shape again" I meant like those idiots who hold up the line doing long division over how many damn calories they're getting in a meal. IT'S FOOD, YOU'RE HUNGRY, JUST EAT IT. Also, lol you sound like some girl in a cliche high school drama. "YOU MUST BE FAT SINCE YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT THE WORLD CONSTANTLY TRYING TO ATTACK YOUR EGO BASED ON PHOTOSHOP'D MAGAZINE ADS" My waist is four inches in most jeans ;)

terranada 3

I'm a teenaged girl and I don't obssess over my weight. I hate ppl who do and then spread it to others. if they're tryin to impress guys (or girls, for the lesbians ;]) then it's a waste of time. no one who likes u cuz ur skinny will ever be worth ur time. hell, my boyfriend loves my 5 extra lbs of chubbiness ;P

Holy shit 101 you're an idiot. Nobody is talking about swimming. They're talking about fishing for compliments.

christinamarie17 29

Just so you know #111, the comment said "trust me I'm JUST 16" not trust me, I'm 16. What this meant is that #101 is saying eating/weight can happen to anyone, at any time and she understands OPs issues with weight. As someone who has had an eating disorder for many years I can honestly say I'd be freaking out at the weight gain at this point. I believe this is what #101 was going for, implying that OP had an eating disorder and being okay with the weight gain. Don't act like you know what you're talking about simply because you're older. If you've never experienced an eating disorder or body dysmorphia you have no idea how difficult recovery is, pregnancy or no pregnancy.

As awesome as only 8 lbs is considering you were pregnant you did open yourself up for a comment like that. So YDI. But congrats all around on the baby.

Letting yourself eat anything and get obese when your pregnant is stupid, but it ain't good to obsess about staying thin either. I hope your doctor kicks your ass if you're not gaining enough weight during your pregnancy. Good luck to you.

It's healthy to put on weight during pregnancy. YDI for caring more about your weight than your baby.

She never said that she cared more about her weight than her baby. She may by ecstatic about having a child but she doesn't mention it because this is FML. This is where you talk about shit you don't like. And get off her back about caring about her weight during a pregnancy. You don't know how far along she is or any problems she may or may not have had with her weight in the past.

161 who cares what problems she had in the past with her weight? It does not matter now and for her to be proud she had kept herself from gaining weight when she has a child forming inside her is shameful

Well, you don't actually have to eat much more than usual to sustain a baby; I think it's only about 300 more calories. Maybe she's been making sure she doesn't eat more than she and her baby need.

wroughtinfire 0

Woo! Not only do you have weight issues, but so does your husband! Match made in heaven!

Knight05 0

I hate chicks with granny flab arms and turkey necks. GOBBLE GOBBLE bitch! Here's a suggestion eating 20 cup cakes and then one weight watcher DOES NOT cancel each other out. It's not your husbands fault you got pregnant because you are a whore and then in turn got fat because you can't stop eating. So boo hoo you have no one to blame but yourself. I suggest you get attractive quick or find yourself getting cheated on and/or divorced because nobody likes a fatty. And good looks are the only real qualities a woman has other than that you are pretty much useless in every single way except maybe for making a sandwhich.

Yawn, all the other trolls before you have said that stuff 20 times over. Be more creative.

Knight05 0

Cry me a river cunt I'm not a troll I tell it like it is. And the fact you are even speaking down to a man would get you lashed, stoned and/or hit where I come from. Know your role in this universe, on top of a dick, in a kitchen, or in the hospital giving birth or recovering from domestic violence

@8 and 19 you really need to get a life, you make wild assumptions that 1-she's fat and 2-she actually gives a fuck what you think. I know the rest of us don't. People don't come on this site to be abused so shut your mouth

ConnorMichelle 0

to #19: speak.

Knight05 0

im making assumptiona about her being fat? Re-read the damn story. he pinched her flabby arms and said thats where all your fat is. Hence she is a fatty. Plus she just got done being pregnant and women use that as a fail excuse to let themselves go or justify obesity. I'm not quoting BS im quoting facts

lankagirl13 0

Aww, Knight05, you're so silly. that doesn't make her a fatty who eats too much! It happens when you're pregnant. She's gained because she's pregnant, currently. She hasn't had the baby yet. :) I hope you understand better now. And I'm assuming that her eight pounds gained doesn't qualify her as obese, especially since she said that she has always obssessed over her weight. But you don't know her, so please don't judge :)

xxdani 0

@8 and 19 are you guys for real? as in, seriously as jackass-ish as you seem in your comments? because if you are, stop making stupid assumptions. Oh, and also, fuck you.

soldierswife 0

wow I had no Idea cave men were still around.

bexox 0

Haven't you seen the Geico commercials?

CyclonePsycho 1

Guuuuuuuys! D: Don't feed the troll! It's not even unique!

YDI for eating. SIXTH!!!!

anonymous3000_fml 0

FYL for having an asshole for a husband. But YDI if you only married him because he got you pregnant.

gosh you need to gain weight when having a baby quit being a selfish bitch who is vain and self-obsessed. Get over yourself and act like an adult. I pity your child