By bigbill - 03/08/2011 04:45 - Canada

Today, I was presented with a bill for $27,601 by my single, alcoholic, deadbeat father. Why? "For having to raise your goddamn lazy ass." FML
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goldenlocks22 6

Don't pay it..?

I read his words in Redds voice from that 70's show.


goldenlocks22 6

Don't pay it..?


man dey took of my comment off did u azk him if u had to pay in full or make payments

I wouldn't pay it...

me neither, I wonder what that last dollar was for?

mr_inkredible 0

probably tax

violetdabomb 0

Umm wow... But he can't ask for money for raising you! What would that make him? Because I can probably infer that he doesn't give you much love, and he's asking for the financial aspect back. Then that barely makes him your dad anymore.

msl1333 4

No you should send the bill back with a really official looking invoice that says that you're paying it with "services rendered" over the last however many years and under the service description put "putting up with a dead beat father and cleaning up after your drunk ass".

I'd run him over

Kn0wledge123 21

You are under no contractual obligation to pay your "father". Because he played no prominent role in your life, no services in the act of participating in fatherhood were ever rendered. Also, no verbal or written agreement was ever substantiated, making his bill null & void. You may in fact present HIM with a bill on behalf of your mother. The More You Kn0w

enonymous 8

Ask for the receipts and audit against with all your ash trays, fancy artwork, and tax deductions he got for claiming you as a dependant

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

if he's alcoholic he prob can't pay the bills for his lazy ass so he ask OP for money and makes a accuse for. Damn parents these days and their shanagans!!

it's his fault for not using a condom correctly

Ah.. So many ways to get back dumping out all the beer in your house stealing his booze money then text everyone he know a super bitchy text so know one will want to be around him them to make things worse rip up the paper in front of his eyes

I can't help but wonder what OP'd dad needs $27,601 for. And what's up with the last dollar? My guess is a donut.

Not only that but if he'd had his (OP's father) priorities right he'd see that the "bill" was already payed for when he agreed to "raise OP's sorry ass".

19- the broken condom.

You have nice legs, definitely!

Haha Ive seen a very similar FML to this before!

yusostupid12 0

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Ionodemon1995 0

You'd know a lot about being a lazy shit, lazy shit.

all of your comments suck, yusostupid

lilclare 0

Fuck 27,601 dollars? Don't pay that unless it's a cold day in hell!

Hmm. Why did it have to be $27601 and not $27600?

Maybe the dad bought him a soda one time

theres a place in norway called hell.. in serious, look it up..

You could just give him a condom instead if he thinks kids are so much trouble.

ifinsane 6

Tell him he can go F himself.

wow, what an ass!

gan4sula 2

Well by listing his name as father on birth certificate, he already waived all the rights to receive any compensation. It is duty of a parent since then

StopDropNRoll 11

It's not that much when you consider all you put into kids =P But yea don't pay.

Yeah, I swear my parents have put that much into my brother and me for one year of horses and select baseball... I'd be fckd if my parents sent me a bill, but then again my parents aren't heartless.

lindseyluvszac 4

tell him to go fuck himself, or send him a bill for having to deal with his bad parenting

But he is a deadbeat,there probably wasn't that much parenting involved

xk75 4

I'm sure dad's "bill" pales in comparison to the overdue child support, and just straight up PARENTING he owes you. I'd laugh in his face and tell him it will be a cold day in hell when he gets a penny or ounce of compassion or attention out of you.

That's the point, 38..

I read his words in Redds voice from that 70's show.

sparklecherry 4

Ah, I love Red Foreman!!

Kitty would kick Reds ass.

Red has the unstoppable foot in the ass joke

Then give him a bill for $57,671 "for having to endure such a jerk for years"!

Lol. Why an exact number? Couldn't he just pick like 25,000 and get over the rest of it?