By hannahk267 - 18/11/2011 13:30 - United States

Today, I was practicing my lines for theater class in the hall. My partner and I chose a script where we argue over me stealing her boyfriend. Since it started to sound like a real argument, another student said that I was a "crazy bitch" and punched me in the face. FML
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Well at least you know you're a really good actress

Hey atleast you engaged the audience!


Hey atleast you engaged the audience!

She said that she was practicing her lines! There would be no audience!

Wtf?!? What right does this random yahoo have to do that???? I'd break bones in their body for that

9, She was practicing her lines in the "hall", not in class. Any student passing by could be considered as audience, and if it was as realistic as OP makes it out to be, students could/would have gathered around, and started chanting "fight! fight!" after the punch.

Sounds like this play is gonna have good acting, unlike that one shitty movie 2012 Doomsday

HAHAHAHA I just pictured some kid having an off day walking past her mumbling crazy bitch punched her in the face and walked away like nothing happened

I am so glad the first comment on here was intelligent and humorous

Did you bite your thumb at me sir?

Well at least you know you're a really good actress

2. - that's what I was gonna say. "At least you know your good at it." haha.

Or the person knew they were 'acting' and trolled op with a fist to the face. Seems more likely, as most people wouldn't genuinely respond by punching someone.

Or, the other person was really dumb?

#80 - You are an idiot. -_-

Ah no nit so good then but that is funny though

4: Was it even a language?

#4 "English, motherfucker, do you speak it?" :D

Unnecessary extra words.

53 - I see what you did there.

Trolling is a art. And #4 succeeded!

"what?", "do they speak English in what?"

16- best name I have seen :) oh and although this is probably a typo, he seems to be a little bit drunk or atleast sounds like it :)

"Ah, no, not so good then, but that is funny, though."

Fucking psycho.

I guess it's safe to assume who the "crazy bitch" really is.

Nothing is safe with a crazy bitch ready to assume and punch at the slightest provocation running around!! Quick!! Save yourself now while you still can

73 you may want to think before you post something up. Just about every post from you say the least odd. Seriously though just think then post please.

When you assume you make an ass out of you and me!

Wow. Talk about audience interaction.

Interaction.... litigation... whichever

You should find whoever punched you in the face, and punch him in the happysacks/her in the face and yell "whos the crazy bitch now"

Happysacks/tits and face

Or all three if possible

You should get an A+ then. Obviously you can act.

Did you punch him back?