By Ellie - / Tuesday 8 May 2012 05:05 / United States
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#1 - You.... You're Scottish?! And a highlander?! Finally I have found my people on here! But yeah, she was probably just joking OP, keep practicing you'll be fine.


i dont know if you can sing or not but if you not deal with it an do something else if you can than your mother is an asshole. Say her to go fuck herself. For example i cant sing. So i wont going to sing anywhere but sure i can act which makes me rookie actor so i can take part of an act with not that so important role. Please people be more smart when dealing your daily life problems. Thumps down if you an idiot


Not wise to mess with your food supply. If their school is like the ones here, they're likely not allowed to cut people, it "hurts their self esteem". She could very well be terrible but enthousiastic. Keep practicing op, you'll get better.


I think what 22 meant was that op's mom might be right and op may very well be terrible but the school doesn't cut her from choir because they're not allowed to. Just a thought, anyway(:

keep singing OP, don't let a comment like that bring you down :) with practice comes a better voicecontrol and better singing! I'm sure your voice sounds just fine

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