By arch maester shavayalsharashion - United Kingdom - Surbiton
Today, I was pouring my heart out to my dad about how I'm such a loser and how I have no friends. He listened sympathetically, until his phone buzzed with a text message. He said "Balls, the guys from work wanna get shitfaced." and took a rain check on me. FML
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  18drakerad  |  18

And your name has pants in it. As in shit your pants. As in shit for brains. So anyone who's friends with you or listens to you has shit for brains. Just like you.

  GhostFox  |  33

Sounds more like OP's father has a more damaged liver if you ask me.

Also, you remind me of the type of person who sees someone with a really bad bruise and presses on it asking, "Does it hurt a lot when I do this?"

By  tehdarkness  |  21

Just be yourself and don't try to emulate anyone else. People like to be friends with people who are kind and genuine. High school can be tough but stick with it an reap the rewards in adulthood.