By ceedee - 24/01/2010 02:14 - United States

Today, I was pondering the meaning of life - why I'm here, why anyone is here, why go on, and whether it's worth it... Then it hit me. The football in the head, not the meaning of life. FML
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Why do I get the feeling you decided to stop in the middle of a football match to ponder this?

ohheykiwi 2

What do you mean what's the Meaning of Life? 42. Duh.


tekcor 2

No man, last.

@First: Actually, second. OP was first. @All others: sorry for feeding the troll.

OP isn't first. Try looking at the "#1" beside the display picture. This isn't a forum.

i alredy figured it oit, there is no meaning

greenltrn2003 0

life isnt about finding out what it means just find out what it means to you either way this is funny as fuck to me...

no one care if ur first second or third ffs

HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! immediate favorite

2- Screw anti -flood, imma beat it with the foot ball op got hit with

this isn't a fml...

this is stupid! 12,000 people said they deserved it! ugh ppl!!!

JoshTheMaggot 8

dude watch Fight Club and you will understand the meaning of life. and fyl. and to #1 ure a douche. being first is cool but atleast also write something relative to the post.


JoshTheMaggot 8

no dude I don't care if you write first but atleast wrote something else. maybe something about the post.

sorry to dissapoint u... being first is not cool, its stupid that people get excited over that!

There is always that one dense motherfucker and this girl here is it.

So? You got hit with a ball, boo-hoo.

I agree.

meaning of life = 42

Lichinamo 33

THIS.Once you pass 42,you've lived ;)

Why do I get the feeling you decided to stop in the middle of a football match to ponder this?

I was just thinking that the football field is no place to b doing any thinking

who the fuck are you? Charlie Brown? i call fake.

Yeah dude, I saw that one in the IHT before, fucker.

@KarressKitten Nice tattoo and OP STFU, get laid, and make me a Sammich

This. You made me laugh. Charlie Brown... :)

ziqi92 0

AHAHAHAHAHA Charlie Brown XD epic win of a comment!

Comment moderated. L

anela_fml 0

lol it's a wake up call sayin just be happy

no its a sign that he should play football

oh this happened to me except i was think about not falling since im a flyer and well the football disnt help at all...

L4Dgirl00 0

nice. I suggest not going into deep thought where people are playing football

HamsteronA 0

it's called a header.

x805xUnknown 6

I often ponder that meaning of life during sporting events aswell. Fyl...