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Today, I was playing with my dog. His bouncy ball rolled under the couch, and I got on my hands and knees to get it. He decided it would be a good chance to hump the shit out of me. FML
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Epic_Phale615 0

Don't trick your dog by getting into the doggy style position?

A7X_LoVeee 10

Don't lie. you enjoyed it.


Epic_Phale615 0

Don't trick your dog by getting into the doggy style position?

Alex94xela 0

lol if it humped the shit out of her we can assume it's anal? an ydi for bending over and teasing him

cross3 3

rape lmao fail 

dog in heat lmfaoo is that even possible?

Little miss Hubbard Went until the cupboard To fetch her poor dig a bone But when she bent over Rover took over And gave her a bone if her own

into not until**** lol damn iPhones

Epic_Phale615 0


And dog not dig bah!!! I wish you could modify your posts lol.

KingDingALing 9

It wasn't rape because the OP loved it. It also wasn't a fail because it was the most kinky and sexiest thing ever. For all we know, the OP could have switched up the words "Fetch, boy! Fetch!" to "Hump, boy! Hump!"

omg epic! 

lololol OP likes forced beastiality... XD

you and me baby aint nothin but mammals so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel..

Agreed. OP, don't be a tease. YDI and your dog is brilliant.

he saw an open portal and said to himself. fuck it

you could just say thats what she said throughout the whole FML

oh shut up, at least you finally got some. be happy:)

borkchop1992 15

ya take it up the bitch

Mr_Questions 0

Who humped OP? A) The Dog B) You/Me C) A Chicken D) The Ball

SilenceIsSilver 0

143 You mean that's what he said? just change "dog" to "bitch" and "he" to "she"

SilenceIsSilver 0

On second thought, the whole ball scene would make it sound gay. You're right.

Hwikek 2

Dude, WTF is wrong with u :? 0_0

Did the ball hump you so hard you shit yourself, OP? O.O

210: thats what he said ruins the joke

impatientsnake 4

I would hump u too same as the dog op

yeah but clearly look retarded from your picture so OP'd understand

OP's not a guy I hope...

ifyouseekamy666 0

this exact same situation happened to me but with my boyfriend not my dog..

nice 246, but then again, don't that happen with most couples?

yessss! win.

tz23 0


ifyouseekamy666 0

haha I guess so :p

Your Dog & Co. putting the 'dog' in doggy style since 1989

Tell your boyfriend to get self control ;).

ifyouseekamy666 0

lol well i like my crazy bf he's more fun than some guy with self-control haha ;)

You're disgusting, 171. =_=U

ninabean0326 3


why did his balls roll under the couch?

BigN18 0


did shit actually come out??

Uraharas_Bankai 1

Well, OP wanted to get the dog's "bouncy" ball, while the dog was using his bouncy balls well

X_o_X_ocutie 0


awww it likes her ;)

the dog=WIN!!!

Sounds like Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

primal instincts... if it bothers you that much, have him fixed

alliewillie 22

being fixed has nothing to do it. the dog knows and understands OP is not the same species. it about dominance. he's saying OP is his bitch.

for some dogs being fixed stops that habit, at least with my friend's 170lb great dane

lol at 81 for thinking humping is a habit!

dude cutting of thier balls gets rid of testosterone; the sex hormone so no testosterone=less thought. if we had our balls cut off we would have less desire if any at all

forgettingsunday 0

getting fixed doesn't do shit. my german shepherd tried to fuck my friends dog and he's fixed.

DaveOnDope 4

When I was in Yosemite I saw a block of Swiss. Strangely enough, I thought of humping them too. In my 20's I'd hump just about anything that'd hold still long enough. Except for S. Quentin Quail.

your pic is scary sir... but so are ghosts…

Autoshot 9


lmao @ cheese grating accident!

It's nothing sexual. It's about DOMINANCE. My 130 pound Bullmastiff sometimes still tries to hump me when we're playing, and he's been neutered for 3 years.

dannnngthatsux 19

If it was about dominance, there'd be a shitload more deaths per year, watch dogs play...

A7X_LoVeee 10

Don't lie. you enjoyed it.

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SmallyBigs 9

50: your picture made near P.I.M.P. laughing.

mrmerino 0

some people really are into that. god bless those zoophiles.

schwebel 0

Suprise Butt Sex

avatar0810 15

coming at you when you least expect it

53 LOL draw. clever

hey, if its down its rapeable (: ahahah

lmao! Charlie Sheen Win!

kaitlynFail 0

Duh. Winning!

5: I hope someone feels the same when you pass out at a party.

bahahahahahaha xDDDDD

I wouldn't rape that I feel like the stds would melt my penis upon entry

denvan 0

You like the back door deal

or else op wouldn't give his dog the doggie position.... if us humans like it, WTF is a dog going think when it sees it?? duhr!

You sick bitch!

I'm referring to OP...

CateXOX 0

Ahaha someone doesn't get it, and it's not 14 I'm talking about

DaveOnDope 4

I got it. heeeeeeeeee

14 I watched my cousins' bitch hump legs, it's bed, their soft toys and just about anything else. Don't tell me it isn't possible.

my cousins dog humped her face. it's also a chick dog. so. yea.

so ur the 1 in this pic nice


xoxoMEGANxoxo 13


mabusoden 0

lmao ^win^

A7X_LoVeee 10

LOLOLOLOL this was great! Thanks for the giggles

brunettegurly 0

that made me chortle

Azarjan 0

^ lol ^

stroudie94 9

lmfao!!! you sir win on so many levels!

129- Word of the day references are AMAZING!! Thank you :)

haha! very nice! and perfect timing!

bet u liked it:P

bentley55 0

stupid indian

chrispierce 0


Blehhxx 0

Why would you bring up her race? It was completely un called for.

u know what bitch? im not gonna take any offense cuz u obviously dont know me so....fuck off

samadams42 0

you sir need to shave your mustache because it is impairing your vision to see

DaveOnDope 4

So, how's that avatar working for you?

I'm surprised that some one didn't get moderated.

I don't think people are ever really racist against indians. ps I'd hit it

actually, thats not true. theres a lot of people that hate indians for no good reason, and people always joke around with me about how im their "favorite indian" or how im the only "normal indian" but i also hear atleast one racist comment a usually not this mean but im having a bad day sooo... the thing is, people like to pick on others who are different to make themselves feel better, which is just sad...

Foreigners that rap and play piano are kickass! If you got videos send me links, homeslice. Please and thank you.

lol i'll try;D

people are soo meaaaan. I'm sorry!!

haha thnx, but its all good, racists aint got SHIT on me;)

what? who are you talking to...

Holy shit you got a dp up!!! Chick musicians kick ass, so added to your already totaled cool points you are now ranked under "legit shit"

haha thnx;) wait so u didnt know i was a girl before?