By hyper12332 - 29/04/2009 14:35 - Australia

Today, I was playing one on one soccer with a girl like. I accidentally kicked the ball right into her face. The ball rolled back towards me and as I was running to see if she was ok, I kicked the ball... right into her face again. FML
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Oh man, that sucks...for both of you, but for her, mostly. Damn!

did you pull your shirt over your head and run around doing the classic soccer airplane celebration?


Oh man, that sucks...for both of you, but for her, mostly. Damn!

today a guy I liked kicked a soccer ball into my face. in an attempt to help me up he kicked again......... into my face..FML

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man you must really suck at soccer

cockblocked by a soccer ball

look at the bright side, she got hit by your balls instead of another dude's

damn that sucks for her more than for you

HAHAHAHA bad coordination :P

Hahaha this one's my favorite!!!! Sucks for you though...

How would you do that the second time accidentally? Good job with the coordination there.

You look like Justin Bieber's dad.

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don't feel too bad if she's a serious soccer player she'll be use to getting hit with the ball. just give her a flower or something

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or is she's a serious whore shell be used to balls hitting her in the face. lol

Doubly owned... Excellent! :D

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Suck less.