By I hate that game - 23/11/2013 16:11 - United Kingdom - Wigan

Today, I was playing monopoly with my boyfriend and a few friends. After I bankrupted my boyfriend, he turned to me and said, "I fucked your best friend last night, so who really won?" I turned to the best friend in question, she looked at the board and said, "I'd like to buy a house please." FML
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meowmafia98 8

You do mean ex boyfriend right? And ex best friend?

I'd rather have sand dumped in my driveway


meowmafia98 8

You do mean ex boyfriend right? And ex best friend?

Somuchart 3

God dammit that's why I hate monopoly

That's the boyfriend and the so-called best friend you have to hate here.

monopoly- ruining friendships and relationships since some bastard created it

I think this round went to Op's boyfriend. Lets just thank God we have games like monopoly to bring people together.

51, thumbs up for the attempt of humorous sarcasm... Too bad it goes *whoosh* over some peoples heads.

I'm sorry OP... And everybody is saying monopoly is terrible, but at least it made you figure out this terrible fact. It would have been much worse if this was hidden from you for a long time. You will find a better boyfriend for sure

Yeah, she'd like buy a house for her upcoming child.

Monopoly; ruining relationships since 1933.

#35: We were playing whilst drunk a couple of years ago, and my brother stabbed me in the hand with a fork. I still have 4 teeny little scars on the back of my hand.

Bojack_fml 10

This was legitimately a funny reply lol

#125 Omg put it as your profile photo lol

I don't know how well you can see it, I think they're more obvious if you tilt your screen back, but there you go!

A07 48

The last time I played monopoly, I bankrupted my mom because of which I did'nt get fed for the next two days. So yeah, I kindof avoid playing it now.

well by the sound of it, it seems that op's friend has regretted it. at the same time maybe not. good luck op.

Unless you're under the age of 10 there's really no excuse for not being able to feeding yourself...

Ok, I did write 'for not feeding yourself' then tried to change it to 'not being able to feed yourself'. Apparently my proof reading skills need a little work. Which is unfortunate, seeing as I work as a freelance book editor.

Actually, I like "to feeding yourself." Adds to the stupidity of the person you're talking about :P

135 - I see it! Lol thanks that was kinda exciting for me :)

Monopoly - ruining everything since it was bloody made.

I wonder what tokens they were playing with?... I hope the ***** was a wheelbarrow, the douchebag bell end was the iron and OP was the top hat.

I'm surprised she wasn't more interested in the-- hotels?

#72 I guess I understand the wheelbarrow and top hat... since the wheelbarrow let's anything that fits ride in it, and the OP is classy? Sorry if I am mistaken.

Exactly right. top hats are classy. that's what I was getting at, metaphorically speaking. I'm glad someone got it.

That sucks OP, that's a really childish thing to do. FYL.

Just goes to show that cheaters never win.

OP is the real winner anyways.. Her friend is now with the cheating ass loser

Why doesn't she just take the home she's already wrecked? Bitch.

So many relationships broken apart thanks to the Monopoly Man...

Ambrily 27

It wasn't monopoly to cheat on OP...

jujubean0531 5

Seriously, like the previous fml lol

Hey, monopoly is an important game! It's all about winning!!!

nothing good ever comes from playing monopoly

Ananym 7

You couldn't have missed #1 up there saying this already, so why say it again?

skyttlz 32

Plus you do realize that if OP said ex it would indicate that they are already exes.

CaptainCommenter 6

@118: Why don't you look at the time of the two posts before commenting. This comment was posted ONE MINUTE after the first. They were probably typing at the same time.

Your boyfriend's an arsehole and your mate's not much better, hope you ditched them both!

So her ex friend and ex boyfriend can be together.

And continue being distrustful ****** for the rest of their lives!

They deserve each other! Then the op can find a new boyfriend and friends who value her :-)

Did you smash the board over his head and bang her head on the table? I would have.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

No such thing as too much banging! You could be bloodied and sore, yet still bang like no tomorrow!

Zimmington 21

That's some kinky shit you're into #76.... I atleast take a break for some Apple juice

I tried to make some Apple juice once, but no matter how much I squeezed, all I got was broken bits of glass and electronics, no juice

DDiddy 12

Monopoly is never a good game to play...especially with adults!

Oh man I think it's about even with adults and teenagers..... Both for different reasons, teens usually because they end up chasing each other with bats, etc.