By I hate that game / Saturday 23 November 2013 16:11 / United Kingdom - Wigan
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  27inch  |  9

I'm sorry OP... And everybody is saying monopoly is terrible, but at least it made you figure out this terrible fact. It would have been much worse if this was hidden from you for a long time. You will find a better boyfriend for sure

  nix1993  |  37

#35: We were playing whilst drunk a couple of years ago, and my brother stabbed me in the hand with a fork. I still have 4 teeny little scars on the back of my hand.

  A07  |  47

The last time I played monopoly, I bankrupted my mom because of which I did'nt get fed for the next two days.
So yeah, I kindof avoid playing it now.

  nix1993  |  37

Ok, I did write 'for not feeding yourself' then tried to change it to 'not being able to feed yourself'. Apparently my proof reading skills need a little work. Which is unfortunate, seeing as I work as a freelance book editor.

  8born8  |  18

I wonder what tokens they were playing with?... I hope the skank was a wheelbarrow, the douchebag bell end was the iron and OP was the top hat.

  Exhaling  |  12

#72 I guess I understand the wheelbarrow and top hat... since the wheelbarrow let's anything that fits ride in it, and the OP is classy? Sorry if I am mistaken.

  nuzzle8  |  2

Oh man I think it's about even with adults and teenagers..... Both for different reasons, teens usually because they end up chasing each other with bats, etc.

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