By Jesus - 21/04/2009 14:39 - United States

Today, I was playing guitar on the sidewalk and had my guitar case open for tips. A man came up with a folded piece of green paper, smiled and walked away. After I was finished, I looked at my tips. I unfolded the paper, it was a note that said "You suck!" FML
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That's not really a tip. "You suck. Get lessons" would work.

Nobody disrespects Jesus..not on my watch (And if there are any of you who say my comment is completely irrelevant, than check the Username...and for those of you who think it's stupid, i don't care)


That's not really a tip. "You suck. Get lessons" would work.

I saw this on YouTube! two girls were doing FMLs and this was on there!!

it's better to teach yourself for a year or so before taking lessons, otherwise the playing style you develop will be the same as your teacher's. source:family of guitarists

Aww, you can come play for me!

Don't sweat it. I'm sure you're a great musician.

I'm sorry to say this, but ROOOFFFLLLLL. FYL. But maybe you do need lessons?

find his adress get the paper piss on it and mail it to him for a nice memory and thank u note for the "tip"

Someone didn't take criticism well that year.

lol Im sure your great and thats how a lot of great artists are discovered. well unless that piece of paper from that man was the only thing you received. in that case I would definitely think about getting lessons.

I agree with #1. That's messed up for you, though.

That is the funniest thing I have read on this site in a long, long time.

lol! now thats funny.

lol thats messed up!