By sadday - United States
Today, I was planning on going on a date with a girl I've really liked. She told me today was the only we could hang out before her trip. I got an expensive hair cut, planned on cooking her dinner, and pulled a few strings and got on the list for a big concert. Turns out she'd rather go shopping FML
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By  patticake1601  |  0

home cooked dinner for first date? little too much for first date, she probably wanted something casual so you could both just talk and hang out for a couple of hours. Don't be so intense next time.

  wiserman  |  0

i'm not a dick. i just reassured OP that he shouldn't lose any sleep over the time/money he wasted on this shallow whore. does anybody dispute she's a shallow whore? no? ok i didn't think so.

if you think i'm a dick then the real world is going to make you cry. a lot.

  Reyo  |  2

The OP said "planning on going on a date". Unless you have some twisted definition for dating, I'm pretty sure he intended on the two of them "Going out" as in being "boyfriend and girlfriend".

  Krulin  |  8

Woman logic: "Men just aren't romantic today! None of them ever bothers to even put any effort into dating anymore! Wait, you got a nice haircut and a dinner date to charm a girl? God, you're such a creeper!"

By  frankgrimes  |  4

first of all, does she like you? UMM im sure you knew she didnt. So ydi for not being Smart about the situation. what you should of done is skip the whole three hour girly Makeover and spent time with her instead. idiot