By Tgreject - United States
Today, I was planning on asking out a girl I've been really close to for a few months now. I was with her when I got a forward text from my friend. It was from the girl and it said "noooo tell him not to ask me out I don't like him." I got rejected via forward text before I told her how I felt. FML
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  plexico  |  3

And many of the fish smell like fish, too!

Lower your standards and you will be fine. Who needs a prize catch when a bottom-feeding scum sucker will do?

  maddog_fml  |  0

LOL @#16

@#20 Do you really think that will work?

@OP: Fucking eazy. Don't call her or contact her. IF she calls you, then say what the text was. End of story.
Just like #1 said, there are plenty fishes.


By  swjeemtys  |  0

Aw..that sucks.. atleast you didnt ask. Imagine had you gotten the text after you had already asked her? That would have been a double slap in the face.
1. When she rejected you.
2. Text message telling you not to ask.

By  Unregistered  |  0

lol imagine if his friend was auctually cock blocking him and sent him a fake forwarded message so that he would give up hope then his friend could swoop in and make the goal o.O

The Plot Thickens :O

  writer08  |  0

First thing I thought of too. It sounds like they're in high school, and it's not uncommon for "friends" to cockblock each other for a girl, and would do whatever to get with a girl.

By  xbombr  |  0

Text rejection sucks. Getting forwarded the rejection is just that much worse.

At least you were nice enough to where she couldn't face you about it even via text. I'm sure someone else more deserving will appreciate that sort of kindness.

By  che_williams  |  0

i think that your friend telling her and then him/her telling you is better than you telling the crush and getting rejected. this way it wont be as awkward for you two