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  Livinia  |  11

#21, you shouldn't really be saying that pubes are disgusting. It's a personal preference if someone removes their hair down there. Some people prefer it gone, some don't.


54- your right, no one will see probably why they should get to work.

Shave that shit!! No one want's to find big foots missing toe when they pull down your nickers.
Lol I had to. I know it's a personal choice so save it and enjoy the joke.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

even if 37 wasnt quoting a song, they did express it as an opinion. there was no "you must shave" comment, and theyre entitled to have a preference. its not just those who think you can do what you like that have the right to express their views.

  NicNax007  |  0

Yep i agree! You may make the choice to keep your ball fro, I will make the choice to not touch you in any way shape or form until you weed whack it! In my opinion pubes are nasty! I already floss my teeth with dental floss thanks!

  stevenJB  |  25