By en3rg1zer21 - 06/08/2011 05:15 - United States

Today, I was peeing, and I sneezed. I looked down to see that my gum had flown out of my mouth and gotten caught in my pubes. On the upside I got a new look. FML
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At least you can see an upside!


sexylegs17 5

Sorry OP, that's sucks:/

yamatelle 19

Now I can just imagine the Cool Aid guy busting through the wall saying "ohhhhhhh yeaaa!!!"

it should be shaved anyways... pubes are disgusting !

#21, you shouldn't really be saying that pubes are disgusting. It's a personal preference if someone removes their hair down there. Some people prefer it gone, some don't.

MissFukMyLuck 0

it's not YOUR pubes. so who gives a shit 21?

YourEvilHero 12

I don't go down unless you keep yo grass cut, lol

Trupe 3

So am I the only one whos scared to sneeze while peeing? Because the last time I did, I pissed everywhere....

Lmao! For once being a girl gives us a bathroom advantage! The mental picture had me in stitches

peasonearth 8

#37 is quoting a song lol no reason to tumb down

YourEvilHero 12

it's just a line from a lil Wayne song...

I hate when that happens!

Y would u b chewing gum naked?????

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

54- your right, no one will see probably why they should get to work. Shave that shit!! No one want's to find big foots missing toe when they pull down your nickers. Lol I had to. I know it's a personal choice so save it and enjoy the joke.

a_nutritionist 10

even if 37 wasnt quoting a song, they did express it as an opinion. there was no "you must shave" comment, and theyre entitled to have a preference. its not just those who think you can do what you like that have the right to express their views.

Yep i agree! You may make the choice to keep your ball fro, I will make the choice to not touch you in any way shape or form until you weed whack it! In my opinion pubes are nasty! I already floss my teeth with dental floss thanks!

NyasiaL 0


a_nutritionist 10 wont touch someone in any way shape or form until they shave their pubes? thats excessive, and in no way what i was suggesting. you need help.

At least you can see an upside!

oh yer, glass half full ha. who chews gum on the toilet? sucks to be u cause u sneezed

Lucie_love 4

Can't tell if #70 was thumbed down because of the grammatically incorrect comment or because of who 70 is in general...

reallytho3 11

I think who #70 is explains the dumass comment...

it may be there for seven years

Pretty sure that's a fetish. Or will be.

Pube chewing fetish?

NeonBlack 0


mike101abc 0

No exceptions!

takeapieandrun 9

Thanks for the mental image, but try trimming them...

Oops... good shot! & hey the siliver lining may just be that you've found the right look for you

Sunny_Eclipse 6

*silver Nice one.

astarazhna 1

Good point! Yayayay

Good reason for a trim?

Surprise present!


Grauncho 27

Shut up. You look like a fat Justin Bieber.

stevenJB 25


Enjoy your pubes while you still can. They'll be coming off your body very soon, one way or another.

Any tips on how to get the most out of your pubes? For OP, gum in specific, maybe.