By Anonymous - 26/01/2014 05:10 - United States - Denver

Today, I was packing, when my parents told me to put my little sister's toothbrush in the top pocket of their suitcase. The pocket I opened had 3 unopened boxes of condoms in it. We're going to my gran's house, and I'm going to be sleeping on a mattress on the floor of their room. FML
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Bring earplugs, and a dagger to kill yourself with if it all gets too much.

This FML should have been submitted after the trip.. With a few modifications of course!


Bring earplugs, and a dagger to kill yourself with if it all gets too much.

OP should join in for a threesome

#26 I don't ever wanna be in the same room as you..

Forget earplugs, take the condoms out of the bag, hopefully they won't notice until too late.

Aha yess, no harm in some fun ehh?;)

#38 You're 14, what would you know about sex?

tpm45 25

47: unfortunately younger teens know a lot more about sex than they should. Trust me - I know.

yes because another sibling is all OP needs

#33 This is brilliant, at least until they go and buy more.

DaMann360 19

Or poke holes in the condoms and evil laugh as they are doing it. Muahahahahaaaaaaa

This FML should have been submitted after the trip.. With a few modifications of course!

Hopefully OP cares enough about his sister to not put her tooth brush in that pocket

I think the real question should be whether the toothbrush was put into the suitcase pocket

#41 why? Why is that question so important?

Maybe the condoms were from a past trip...were they had their own room?

Op said they were all unopened boxes. So they're probably new or for the trip

It's still disturbing ._.

lailagothgal 16

Bow chika wow wow!

That sucks, OP.

Isn't there a button for that?

FYL if you haven't heard #4 & #10. And F the poor OP's life for what they're about to hear.

And I'd like to think I'm a pretty respectable authority when it cums to hearing things.

This whole thread should go down the toilet, if you ask me.

StillUsesMyspace 22

It already did 45

Maybe that's their way of letting you know you should move to the living room.

Yeah, this kind of feels like that scene where the mob sends you a disembodied limb as a warning.

I was wondering why it is grossing us out to know that our parents have sex. Isn't it actually a good sign?

vencku 13

I'm not grossed out, I think it's great for the parents and it's great they are using condoms (so they don't have "accidents"). There's also no reason to believe they will have sex while OP is sleeping there. They could have private time during the day while the kids are playing with gran.

It's not the fact that we know our parents have sex that disgusts us. It's the fact that OP's parents still want to have sex when their son/daughter is in the SAME room. That is awkward, uneasy and kind of disrespectful.

vencku 13

Nothing says that they'll do it while OP is sleeping there. On the contrary, if OP is surprised to find the box of condoms, that means he has never before noticed his parents having sex when there. Unless you assume they never visited their gran before, I'd say his parents have been pretty discrete!

Xquisite1 28

Who says that the parents can ONLY have sex at night during bedtime? NEWSFLASH: After dark is NOT the only time that people can have sex.

Xquisite1 28

My reply was meant for #16, why assume that the parents are going to have sex with the kuds in the room? My point was that they can do it other times as opposed to bedtime while kids are in the room with them. Use common sense people.

I don't like to think of anyone I know having sex. It's a beautiful thing to experience, but it's not exactly beautiful to picture your parents' sweaty, naked bodies.

xivoricbutterfly 25

My parents did it with my little sister in the room. She saw them. I still don't know how she's not traumatized.

She's not traumatised because it's not really a traumatic experience.

These were my thoughts exactly. It's great your parents are in love still and it's clear they're not terrible parents so there's no reason to assume they would behave that way with you in the room!

Fabulous that we parents are still having sex yes. Not so great that they are planning on having lots and lots of said sex while one of their offspring is in the room.

Culpion 3

It's great your parents are still having sex, but surely they'd have the good sense not to do it while you're in the same room?

Blow them up and tell your parents that you found balloons

"Today, one of my children found my box of condoms. They thought it was balloons and blew them up.... they are 18 years old." I know it doesn't tell OP's age but let's assume I am creepy and just "somehow" know OP's age.

StompinOnCrayons 15

Just don't fall asleep, and cause as many distractions as possible... although the condoms might have been left there from another trip.

Yeah because preventing your parents from having sex is a real mature thing to do ... </sarcasm>

In general, yes, it's immature. While you're in the room, not so much. I'm sure you'd try to prevent your parents from having sex while you're in the room.

StompinOnCrayons 15

I'm pretty sure you would distract your parents if you were in such close proximity, 84. Unless you just want to suffer, so they can do something they could do anytime with you NOT THERE

My parents did (in a caravan), I stayed quiet so I wouldn't disturb them.

3 boxes? Looks like it'll be a long visit.