By badmom - 27/03/2009 18:42 - United States

Today, I was packing my son's lunch and we ran out of water bottles. I asked my 16 years old to run to the store. She didnt want to but gave me one she had. After dropping my son off, my daughter frantically told me she made a mistake. I sent my second grader to school with a bottle of vodka. FML
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she carries a whole bottle with her? cant wait to see what her liver is like in 10 years. she needs a good talking too.

ROFL thats fuckin great.. did you catch it in time?


ROFL thats fuckin great.. did you catch it in time?

I'm sorry, but who says: 16 years old...?

Probably just hit an 's' by accident. And was trying to differentiate between a child she had to pack a lunch for and one that could drive. Calm down.

she was pointing out she was only 16

Well vodka doesnt taste good so i assume that the kid wouldnt drink much

she was stating the age which also brings the question why did the 16 year old have a water bottle of vodka?

HAHAHAHAHHA. OHGOD. Your daughter is sort of an idiot.

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Well you're an idiot.

Haha love this. What happened afterwards?!?!

187 - yeah you're stupid.

she carries a whole bottle with her? cant wait to see what her liver is like in 10 years. she needs a good talking too.

fuck that. she needs an ass whoopin

LMFAO. ! i hope you went to the school and got it back before your son drank any.. good luck explaining why you had to rummage through your sons lunch to get his water bottle. XD hope they dont call dyphus.

i think i'd be more concerned by the fact that your 16 year old was walking around with a bottle of vodka. you can easily go get it back from your second-grader before lunch, but trying to stop your daughter from drinking will be more difficult.

Oh give up, she is 16, all 16 year olds drink, even your daughter/son if you have one.

#186 that's because u have no friends to drink with

190 - Maybe she doesn't drink because she knows that drinking causes people to do stupid things, has no benefit whatsoever (besides about ten minutes of pleasure before puking your guts out) and is the number one cause of death.

it's true, gotta love waking up in a pile of puke and the cops after you right?

i'm 16 and i don't drink either. i guess that makes me pretty uncool, huh?

I don't drink either, and never will. Do you know what alcohol does to your brain & other organs. And after reading a million stories on , I pretty much hope I won't ever WANT to try alchohol (:

Then you're dumb; People that drink have enough braincells.

that's why they decide to drive home under the influence and end up killing or seriously injuring an innocent person? cause that sure makes sense... enough brain cells my ass!

I'm 18 and don't drink. Stop generalizing; it just makes you look dumb.

Oh come on people. You're acting like drinking is ALWAYS awfully bad. Yes, it can cause profound damage to your liver. Yes, people have done stupid things while under the influence. Yes, there are some people who are stupid enough to drive while drunk. But guess what. There's a thing called drinking responsibly. If you get stupid plastered drunk, at least make sure you have a sober friend with you. Give up your keys so you CAN'T drive. Or, you know, just don't get stupid plastered drunk. You can always drink without getting so snockered you can't walk a straight line.

I'm 17 and I've never had a drink my good sir. I play football, and hangout with the kids who do, but I have never *purposely* had a drink.. There was that one time my girlfriend handed me a red solo cup saying it was water but...

POOR KID! ... poor teacher taht has to deal with a drunk kid!

What is with the water bottle craze? If you live in America, especially in a city, our water is perfectly safe. Actually more regulated than some bottled waters. Just boil tap if you're worried but this isn't a third world country with cholera everywhere. There's no need to get overcharged for a bottle of some other city's tap water (no it doesn't really come from those mountains on the label).

and how are you ment to take this tap water to school hmm you need some kind of bottle to take it in dont you?

Hand cup just dont spill any

well here in America, we think through yhings a bit better. how are you going to get a cup of water to school in a backpack, hmm? and she didn't say if it was a commercial one ether. cudda just been a regular water. p.s. America rules! no matter where we live, we could own you! so you'd better start sucking!

well said, 183!

other water bottles? refillable ones?

wow what the f, how lazy is you ass hole daughter

I can just imagine the other side of this: Today, my mom ran out of water bottles for my little brother's school lunch, so I gave her one of mine. An hour later, I couldn't find my vodka that I hide in a water bottle. FML Of course, the mother will be waist-deep if the police get involved.