By anonymous - United States - Torrance
Today, I was over at a friend's house feeding her cats while she was on vacation. After feeding the four of them, I found an extra cat under the sofa. Thinking it was an intruding stray, I kicked it out. She actually has 5 cats. FML
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By  ColdplaySucks  |  18

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  vizombie  |  16

I'd rather have five cats than one child, I despise those smelly things.

  Black_Cat_13  |  7

My first cat was a stray, moved into my parents barn. Before we managed to catch and spay her, she had 2 litters. Long story short, we had many cats for a while plus another stray that moved in. Due to my neighbors' dogs and the coyote problem, they became indoor/outdoor cats. Then when my parents moved, the cats we still had got to enjoy retirement as indoor only cats after 6 years of vermin control. I have SIX indoor cats and you are the reason I don't mind taking a week off of work to go to my parents house to cat sit. How could you not know or ask how many animals you were caring for?!

  TheYoshiMan  |  12

I can see 1s point.. At this moment in time, I have 7 cats, 2 adults and 5 kittens, and it's a nightmare, they can be very destructive. I'm keeping one kitten, so I'll have 3 cats, and that will be my limit.

By  perdix  |  29

You converted it into a stray.

When your friend comes back, the stray will come back home, except as a bad-ass with an attitude forged on the mean streets.

  Enslaved  |  36

Yeah! I bet kitty will come back doing the Stray Cat Strut--"I wish I could be as carefree and wild but I got cat class and I got cat style".(:

By  SkyyEatsAirplane  |  11

Wasn't it obvious to you that she may have forgotten to mention a fifth or you misunderstood her after seeing another cat who looks tamed? Stray cats look very different physically and it's quiet obvious they have been on the streets. Either way you should have asked. To you it may just be a cat, but this cat means a lot more to her. I don't understand how heartless a person could be for kicking out a cat in the first place. Especially after making assumptions without calling first to avoid getting in that situation. Stupidity comes with a price. I hope you find the poor thing.

  Black_Cat_13  |  7

Not necessarily. My cat, Hockey Puck, had been shot in the muzzle a long time ago, has hypothyroidism, is old and spent many years as a barn cat. As a result, he hates strangers, has half his teeth, is skinny and scarred and his pelt is a little ragged. He looks more stray than house cat but if anyone kicked him out of his home, I would maul them.

  SeedlessMe  |  13

Hah! Same here, 52. Ours was named Fatty Lumpkins, he had no major injuries, but had a hard life before we found him. He was a big, old, fat bastard who would claw at people at random. But he'll always have a special place in my heart :]

  Life_sucks_13  |  6

I agree with you fully. Stray or not why would you kick it out? My kitty used to be a stray. Now she's my kitty pet and is such a wonderful car. We have a few barn cats where I horse back ride, one actually looks like a house cat. I think it's because he's so fluffy and fuzzy.

By  Felling  |  14

WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU ?!?!!? How would a stray cat just happen to get in there, and even so that poor cat !! It got kicked out of its own home by a stranger.. I hope you /the owner finds him soon ):

By  anythingmustbe  |  18

I guess you are going to have to go out side and CATch it. Hopefully it did not stray away to far from home. You should have not made the cat vacate if you was not sure. Sofa now you are screwed until you find the cat.

By  sugarshane007  |  20

What??? A stray cat just happens to be under the sofa? By chance? Were you dropped on your head as a baby? Wait, nevermind, that's an insult to people that were dropped on their head as a baby.