By Anonymous - United States - West Chester
Today, I was outside talking to my new neighbor. I was gesturing while talking and didn't notice the little kid riding her bike coming our way. I ended up accidentally smacking her in the face and knocking her off her bike. Apparently she's my new neighbor's daughter. Welcome to the neighborhood. FML
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By  mermaidkeels  |  26

At least your neighbor was able to witness that it was an accident. Apologize and you'll be good.

  larrena2377  |  26

My dad was playing horseshoes one day at our house after getting done with some yard work. I was a little kid so of course I didn't think things all the way through. When I went to take him some water, I walked right behind him without him knowing and got hit in the head with a horse shoe.

  chinaski7628  |  32

I'm a teacher and I tend to talk with my hands. One day I got really excited about a novel we were reading and I accidentally clocked a kid in the face with my copy of the book. It was a paperback, though, so it could've been a lot worse. That was an awkward phone call home.

By  iheartstupid  |  4

If the kid's parent was standing there when it happened, they know it was an accident. Don't beat yourself up, crap like that happens. Once when I was a gymnastics coach, I was talking to one student and went to point to something behind me, and totally slapped another kid in the face because I didn't know she was walking by.