By yomamma787 - 24/11/2009 17:11 - United States

Today, I was outside, peeing on a cactus. Then all of a sudden my dog jumped on my back, knocking me into the cactus. FML
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do you think the world is your toilet? dumb ass


I'm trying to figure out WHY in the world would you PEE on a CACTUS?

he lives in new mexico, there are a lot of cactuses, in fact there is probably nothing but that

fake!! i saw this in a cartoon animation on myspace

but why would u pee on one?

what would make you pee on a cataus? does it need your juices?

Why the fuck... :/

All I am thinking is WTF were you pissing on a cactus?

Am I the only one who smells fake all over this?

Just because you have a cactus to pee on, does not mean you should pee on it. Ever heard of Murphy's law?

who freakin pees on a cactus? lmao! i agree with #2


LMAO!!!! nice #5

If it were up to me, this would undoubtedly be the funniest FML in the history of FMLs. It made me laugh for 5 minutes nonstop.

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WTF? How is karma related to this at all..?

Yes of course it's karma, what other reason could it be! JK LOLROFLPOFLEMOLZMAO

fake. yes?

. . . How .. stupid .. are .. you .. ?

YDI for peeing on a fucking cactus of all things.