By Anonymous - 17/03/2013 11:00 - United States - Chicago

Today, I was outside at a café and looked at my phone. When I did, a woman halfway across the patio started screaming at me, demanding I tell her who I was texting and why. She then sprinted over, furious at me for apparently badmouthing her to somebody. All I did was check the time. FML
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Paranoia is a hell of a thing

challan 19

That's one too many espressos


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Redoxx_fml 22

But I was just checking the time!

It also makes the quality of the comment decrease dramatically!

Nessie, I appreciated your sarcasm, but I just have to do this... its*

I guess some people just don't appreciate sarcasm :) And @46: I can't believe I missed that xD

If that's true then you better get someone else to do your microing of waves too...

no, it's * * ;D

What does that have to do with this post?

Paranoia is a hell of a thing

She is actually a spy gathering intel and a cafe diner is her cover.

If that's the case, she blew her cover in the most unsubtle way ever :P

zen1979 16

Never said she was a good spy....

rogerdodgeroz 4

Yeah, poor mental health affects everyone in one way or another

anonymous100000 17

OP should've gotten the manager..

challan 19

That's one too many espressos

She was probably upset at OP for being a sexist and chauvinistic bastard.

Somebody's paranoid...

Just because I'm paranoid it doesn't mean that they aren't out to get me...

zen1979 16

Who?! Me?! Are you talking about me? You are, aren't you? I knew it!!

NickaPLZ 26

Sounds like it was time to ditch that place. And the psycho madwoman.

Wut. Error: Syntax Please re-read the FML.

Someone's been smokin' the refer.

I smoke that whenever I want to make references.

That sounds more like someone's been smokin the crack!! Reefer would make her mellow. She's NOT mellow! Hence, it's crack and caffeine that's in the driver's seat and she's in the back seat, screeching...

I can refer myself to anything I want

That's when you know it's time to check yourself into a mental hospital.

I wasn't talking about OP. I guess I didn't word it well anyways.

moonsalt 20

I'd cry.

You mean, "I'd excrete liquid manliness".

So tears are liquid excrement...diarrhea?

So saliva is considered diarrhea? Gross, sounds like an Orbitz commercial taking too far.

Hey spilled coffee is nothing to cry over.

Sorry meant to be a reply to #9

VampTat 10

It is if it cost $4.00

Pretend you are deaf.. and blind. And calmly walk away.

Deaf and blind with a phone. Let's hope she's really stupid, or she might call Op's bullshit.

zen1979 16

Lol Public troll lvl : Commander