By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Kingston
Today, I was out when a guy walking with his girlfriend eyed me up. I made a shocked face at him and kept walking. The next thing I knew, his girlfriend was beating the shit out of me claiming that I was "the other woman." I'd never seen the guy before in my life. FML
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  Zyzz7  |  12

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  MedKits  |  9

#50 pretty sure you're the one that needs to grow up for suggesting that she deserved to be beaten up because of what was probably an involuntary reaction.

  Kazenoe  |  24

Blatant honest staring earns a blatant honest reaction... I'm sure OP would have watched it if she knew the GF would make a huge deal over it.
And not all couples fight constantly. In a such unhealthy case you may want to look at the mirror - not at random passerby's faces.

  Zyzz7  |  12

It clearly was not involuntary, OP listed the thought process that preceded her actions. And she deserve a beating, no, but she certainly deserved some kind of negative reaction.

  Zyzz7  |  12

@63 Looking someone up and down is not "staring", its called checking someone out, and most normal people do it on daily basis. If you have enough social anxiety that you can't handle such a normal human instinct, the maybe you should just stay at home and be away from other humans. And yes, fights are part of a normal, healthy relationship. Anyone that. Has been in a relationship would know that.

  bamagrl410  |  31

Well guys it sounds like we found the jealous girlfriend...


Wow, the stupidity is truly mind blowing. No, the OP does not deserve this, whether her reaction was involuntary or not, it was justified, being checked out by a guy who is clearly with someone, it makes you feel disgusted. Especially since being checked out by someone IS NOT a compliment in general, it can feel rather objectifying. Also, while men noticing attractive women might be biological instinct, we actually CAN expect them not to check out other girls when they're in a relationship. You know why? Cause we're intelligent human beings with SELF-CONTROL. He did not need to check her out, especially right in front of his gf, and the girl defiantly didn't need to beat OP. If anything, she should focus on her bf, not the OP, she was just there, minding her own business, it was the bf who did the offending actions, it was HIM that provoked the situation when he decided to check out another girl right in front if his gf. It's also the gf's fault too though, gross overreaction. In conclusion, you're incredibly ignorant, grow up.


He probably just stood there and watched in fear of him getting the same ass whooping the OP was getting. If he had helped, the girlfriend probably would've taken that as some strange sign that he liked her and beat the holy crap out of him.

  Bakarra  |  22

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By  CatchMe25  |  16

You just got knocked the f*** out!! Lol...insecure females ridden with the paranoid psychosis, you need to watch out for them! Next time don't make eye contact with him and you might keep all of your hair

By  CrissyyyS2  |  22

Whoa girl! There's no way you did not fend for yourself. I don't care who that bitch is. If you hit me for something I did not do, don't expect me to just stand there.