By Demotivation - 02/07/2013 14:35 - Germany - Berlin

Today, I was once again handed a document to translate along with the comment "Good luck, it doesn't make sense to begin with." If my translation doesn't, though, I will not get paid. FML
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Well, fuck... Good luck then op! Lol.

Fake it, if it makes sense according to the situation, you may be able to pull it off


Well, fuck... Good luck then op! Lol.

Translate it into the most obnoxious, outrageous story, that is still somewhat believable but makes people wonder "What the fuck am I reading?". And then start looking for a new job.

looks like someone's found a way to use your services without having to pay you. FYL indeed OP

I don't think luck will help her. comments on google translate? How weird

#44, the 2nd comment got buried for suggesting google translate.. It doesn't always work too well.

hum it works for me, but if its a long paper adding it to translate would be a pain and the boss could do it.

Google Translate is very very unreliable, using it to translate something always tends to tell you something else than what it actually means.

What's wrong with google translate is that it does just that- it translates. Word for word. It doesn't take into account turns of phrases or idioms or even proper syntax, so things get muddled up. It may be helpful in some situations, but definitely not if you're trying to translate a text or even a conversation.

Google translate

Because we all know Google Translate is the most reliable way to translate something...

I think he means that Google Translate may be able to translate gibberish, since it has experience.

It can translate some words, sure. Basic stuff. Doesn't do anything for grammar, though.

Google Translate is el terriblè

Fake it, if it makes sense according to the situation, you may be able to pull it off

Yup. This. If it doesn't make sense to begin with, how will they know if the translation is accurate...? Just put whatever you think fits best.

Hmm. Well fuck it, try your best

It's obviously an ancient Egyptian word scramble OP.

Then don't do it... You won't get paid either way. Total lose-lose situation there.

I think something was lost in translation between you two.

Try your best OP. good luck.

You should do it tongue-in-cheek.

Google is your best friend

No, it's a girlfriend, because it never lets us finish our sentences before making suggestions.

FMLers with puppies as their profile pics, UNITE!

Am I doing it right?

Boo. Down with puppehs.