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Today, I was on the webcam with my boyfriend. I could see that he was on the couch, and alone, so I took off my shirt and smiled, waiting to see his reaction. He smiled at me but then kept looking in another direction. I playfully asked "What's so distracting?" His answer: "History Channel". FML
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At least you know ahead of time that he doesn't think solely with his dick.

Girls need to realize that their boobs are not more interesting than history. It's not like boobs defeated the Nazis.


he probably was talking to his friends right out of camera view

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1 - Wow! Have an award! You accomplished your life goals as a supreme twat face.

If it was Discovery Channel, I'd understand. But History Channel?

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The History Channel is awesome! Then again, I'm a hopeless nerd :P. As to the OP, sorry bout that XP. If it helps, my boyfriend does the exact same thing to me xD. With History Channel too! Once, it was for CNN. Then there were the five million times with Oblivion. I've been cocked-blocked by video games more times can I can count xD. (I'm a woman though, so not sure if "cocked-blocked" is appropriate here)

Wait. History Channel has these 'History of _____' specials every once in a while, doesn't it? I'm onto you, Darth_Taco.

And by that, I meant the sex history specials. Sorry. XD

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it would be twat blocked....

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Don't they have Life after People? That's way more interesting than a girl with her shirt off.

redneck job reality shows fail

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Discovery and History channel are both awesome! nuff said.....

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i love the history channel!

i used to love history channel because it used to have something to do with history. but nowadays, it has so many shitty shows like "monsterquest," "life after people," and "ice road truckers." ugh

oh and #26, "ice road truckers" was pretty much a rip-off of "deadlist catch." any show dealing with a "tough job" is tremendously overrated.

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maybe your boobs aren't as exciting as you think they are =/

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Thats why I don't watch TV anymore, all the old shows on my favourite channels were awesome. The new ones are all shitty, they hyped up all the new ones making them seem cool, but they end up just plain stupid :/ Example #1: Cartoon Network. I fucking hate it now. They need to change it back to the way it was in the late 90's - early 00's Example #2: Nickeloden... More shitty, shitty shows. I want 'Ah! Real Monsters' and 'Invader Zim' baaack ;[

depends if she's hot or not :P

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Thank you #69. I don't wanna watch a bunch of pissed off white trash conservative rednecks cut down a bunch of trees.

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I'm wearing a gir shirt right now :D actually all my shirts are gir shirts!!!

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History channel can sometimes be interesting for me. But discovery is interesting too.

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I use the term twat swated

well, I love some shows on history. but some shows are just too stupid. American pickers sucks, Brad meltzers decoded is a bunch of bull shit idiots trying to prove conspiracy theories. so depending on what was on that makes sense lol, and if he wasnt watching one of the good shows, his loss.

I love conservative rednecks though..

At least you know ahead of time that he doesn't think solely with his dick.

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that and history channel > blue balls

That totally sounds like my boyfriend. And it's true, don't be a bitch and get your boy all horny when you're not there to fuck him.

totally agree with #78. (the second part of the comment lol)

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Well maybe he was lying ? But yeh FYL .

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that sucks

the fuck is her problem eh? only one boob? hairy nips? UGH she must be one sick POS

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Actually, this happens to me a lot too :/ I'm sorry, girl

Girls need to realize that their boobs are not more interesting than history. It's not like boobs defeated the Nazis.

yes they did

boobs so did.

Nor did history defeat the Nazis. Good sir, I render your point flawed. :)

as a matter of fact, history played a big role in defeating the nazis... hitler didn't study his, and decided to march into russia during russian winter. napoleon once did the same.

In all wars there is a winner and a loser, you do not achieve world domination if you always think 'it failed before, so I cannot do it'. To do what the Nazis aspired, they'd have to fight the Russians sooner or later. And they did. It went badly. Even if Hitler had known about Napoleon, he'd have to attack the Russians at some point - with the possibility of winning, to even get a chance of accomplishing what he'd promised the Nazis and Germans. So, history did not win the war, even if Hitler and had known or not about Napoleon. The Russians won the war, due to Hitler's determination.

But the point is, he attacked the Russians in WINTER.

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So girls get offended when you look AND when you DON'T look at their boobs. Make up your mind!

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Lol i totally agree with this post

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agreed awesome comment

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It's more like we get upset when you look when we don't want you too, but if we're trying to show and you don't look, you're in the doghouse.

So wearing shirts that show massive amounts of cleavage is you not wanting us to look?

No fucking kidding, interflop. I hate chicks like that. "Oh I just think this top looks cute!" No, you think your boobs hanging out looks cute. Once a friend of mine, who I had, up until recent years, the upmost respect for, wore a shirt to school, with no bra, and one actually popped out. She laughed and said "Good thing nobody was looking!" .... Don't wear a shirt like that if you don't want that to happen, and if you don't want people looking... (Other things she did made me lose respect for her beyond this, just so you know). There's a girl working at our local Casey's General Store. She wears her work uniform unbuttoned, around her shoulders, and has a low cut top and lots of make up. ... Who the hell is she dressing up for? You work at CASEY'S. You run a CASH REGISTER. There is nobody to impress there, and when you try you hold up the line. I make her uncomfortable because I can't help glancing... because three thoughts go through my mind "LOL BOOBIES," "why," and "wow" (not as in her boobs, they are actually kinda saggy lol (WEAR YOUR BRAS GIRLS JEEZ), but as in disbelief). Point is, it's not my fault she does that and thinks she can get away with it....

history channel>nat geo>discovery channel

lol NO WAY!!! National geo > (history channel + discovery channel)

Neither History nor Nat Geo have How It's Made, so therefore Discovery channel wins hands down. Unless it's different down the in the States, then I feel sorry for you.

This one made me laugh, if I'm being honest. I think Discovery channel is better and would have been a better excuse