By lyla - 20/03/2012 19:15 - United States

Today, I was on the train ride home from a trip to Florida, and I gave my mom a call. While we talked, I made an offhand comment that all my friends back home must miss me. She knowingly asked if I meant my Sims and my cat. FML
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You sound suspiciously like me.

columbia20 8

Doesn't matter got tan.


Kick fgtjwjw

damn auto correct

You sound suspiciously like me.

Mom be trollin'

#2- I thought the same thing.

ChrisTheCalm 9

Well you girls are interesting....

I'm more of a World Of Warcraft person...but ya know, you can't go wrong with Sims!

#2 Woot! #22 *Shrug* #28 I played WOW for 2 days and then stopped because I knew that I'd get addicted.

2- I'm a lot like You and OP, as well. My cats are pretty much immune to Battlefield 3 explosions now, thankfully.

TheElderTROLLZ 15

Am I the only person who doesn't play Sims? I play Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the Penumbra series, and now I feel lonely... and scared!

59 - am I the only one who never found either of those games scary? I'm more into old 90's survival horror. And playing the Sims with kitties surrounding you is amazing,OP. Sims and cats don't screw you over like real people anyways.

DWilliamson 7

Yo 22, stop tryna mack, you're embaressing yourself.

59- No, you're not alone! I don't play Sims, either. I've played Amnesia but Penumbra didn't seem interesting in comparison. Do you remember the part where you have to jump on the boxes because there's a hungry monster in the water, and you have to pull levers and get back to the door before it closes? That part gave me nightmares.

65 It's actually spelled embarrassing*. Nice try. By the way, how does one successfully "Mack"?

TheElderTROLLZ 15

67 - Don't even remind me...

# 59, I fell in LOVE with Amnesia and especially the Justine DLC. It is a very interesting game in the way the controls are, I like it's unending puzzle-like gameplay and the whole having to keep your sanity!

What's life without the sims and cats

If you hate sims, then you probably hate life...

chillyinnarnia 1


beccaishereyay 11

I wore my cats collar as a bracelet today....

72- "Mack" is a slang term for getting a girl.

connorsan17 12

This the greatest unrelated reply thread ever. You are all awesome.

TheFinalWub 3

whats amnesia? XD

hotscar 3

38, pc, Xbox, or ps3?

marisadc79 0

I was thinking the exact same, my life exactly

121- PC, of course. PC graphics are superior to those of any console.

lovepandorasaver 11

Parents always know how to brighten up a day, theirs that is.

columbia20 8

Doesn't matter got tan.

Nope. She is just increasing her chances for skin cancer...

57 there's a difference?

Why the hatin' on Sassypants?

cyK0tek 0

"Eehh...what DOESN'T give you cancer these days..?" >.>

florido_fml 10

Or call of duty friends...

OMG Headshotz94 is back online! Let's go p0wn sum nubz0rs and go 98-5 on Dome! Epic KD/Rs FTW.

Xbox friends are the best friends!

kalgon 0

You know what they say, "Don't talk to strangers..."

Can someone please explain to me dafuq this had to with the FML?

Awes0meperson 10

Because since he can't talk to strangers he can't make friends.

Awes0meperson 10

Oh sorry, she

TheElderTROLLZ 15

But I ALWAYS get candy from strangers in vans!

Lucky! I had to find their damn dogs. :(

Well shit they always tell me they have a xbox in the back

This is hilarious :) I had to favorite it

I'm sure they missed you dearly.

Your mom sure is mean... or really sarcastic

KiddNYC1O 20

Or innocent and honest.

Sims are important too! They haven't even eaten they're so excited to see you!

Or bathed :D (you know they get)

Those are my only friends too! Come at me bro ;)

ChrisTheCalm 9

And I guess that tall guy is just an "acquaintance"..

She paid him to take her. That's deuce bigalow.

Well the tall dude can't be that important because his fuckin' head is cut in half in the picture.