By lyla / Tuesday 20 March 2012 19:15 / United States
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59 - am I the only one who never found either of those games scary? I'm more into old 90's survival horror.

And playing the Sims with kitties surrounding you is amazing,OP. Sims and cats don't screw you over like real people anyways.


59- No, you're not alone! I don't play Sims, either. I've played Amnesia but Penumbra didn't seem interesting in comparison. Do you remember the part where you have to jump on the boxes because there's a hungry monster in the water, and you have to pull levers and get back to the door before it closes? That part gave me nightmares.

  HeartOfLead  |  24

# 59, I fell in LOVE with Amnesia and especially the Justine DLC. It is a very interesting game in the way the controls are, I like it's unending puzzle-like gameplay and the whole having to keep your sanity!

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