By briscoe - 29/09/2015 02:48 - United States - Minneapolis

Today, I was on the train next to an elderly woman. When I told her it was my stop, she turned her knees towards the aisle, and I, thinking that she was letting me go by, began to edge past. She screamed, "DON'T PUSH ME!" and the whole train turned to look. I was thus the asshole pushing the old lady. FML
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Oh, "Minnesota Nice" is such a lie.

sucks even more you probably didn't have time to explain, but on the bright side you won't see any of those people again!


Oh, "Minnesota Nice" is such a lie.

As soon as I saw it was in Minnesota, I though of Marshall from HIMYM

sucks even more you probably didn't have time to explain, but on the bright side you won't see any of those people again!

Surprise plot twist: one of them is OPs boss/distant family member

#5, that sounds more like an extremely likely occurrence (especially for someone posting on FML), than a "surprise plot twist".

Unless it's a regular route for him to take. Before I had my car I had to take the bus to work and school and back. Saw the same people day in and day out.

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35 - OP is female.

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What type of old crazy self centered hags inhabit Minnesota? You were just trying to leave. Plus,who just randomly turns in their seat like that?

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#3, while, yes, this sucks for OP, you have absolutely no idea what was going on in that woman's mind. This is a random woman OP met on a train, and clearly had a bad interaction with. I work with the elderly and for some people, past a certain age your mind isn't simply there. They can say one thing one minute and forget they said it the next. Until you know the person and the situation you should probably refrain from calling someone a "old crazy self centered hag". As someone who works with clients with Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's, etc., your comment is offensive. You're entitled to your opinion but it holds no validity since you were not present nor do you know this woman's condition/state of mind.

Just Minnesota?? Buddy, i don't know where you are from, but i got news for you, self centered hags inhabit EVERY place on this planet. Plus, i wouldn't go so far as to call her a n old hag.

The only scenario I can think of where something like this would happen is if the old lady is a very old fashioned, judgemental woman. Where maybe OP doesn't quite look the way she feels is "normal". Maybe she has messy hair, messy clothes, or possibly she is of different color and the old lady is racist. The old lady only sat next to her because there is no other seat, and wanted nothing to do with her. Once OP talked to her, she ignored what she said and turned away. Then when OP brushed by and even just slightly touched her, she freaked out.

Nobody cares if you are offended.

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It also could be that the old woman is just rude and gets off at other people's discomfort/misery.

hey, at least you were getting off the train!

so this way u were plotted by that granny!

I think public transportation has a way of bringing out people's rude sides. You're all crammed together, most people are in a hurry, there's always a stink of some kind, not to mention the weird people. It's worse if you've had a bad day. Buses, trains, airplanes—there's just something about being trapped with strangers that can bring out the worst in people.

Stahp it. she doesnt like it!

atleast safely you got off the train! OP

Drop kick her

beware of betty whites these days lol