By Great - / Friday 29 May 2015 12:13 / Canada - Toronto
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  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I agree with 7. This was my first question too. I think you're kind of asking for it to spill when you put it in your purse. As a tea-aholic I would never (and have never) put my tea in my purse. When you're bringing tea in a vehicle, always hold it in your hand and hold your hand out away from you (unless there's a cup holder), and never put it in between your legs. If you can't hold it in your hand, your best to leave it. I know all this from experience unfortunately.


There are ones that exist which are totally water tight. I have one like that, and it's fine in my bag. If you don't tighten it up properly, then it would leak. Like a water bottle would (which we all keep in our bags no problem).


Well it's not like they'll be wanting to get closer to OP to smell if it's piss or not, like someone above me said. If someone looked like they pissed themselves, I wouldn't exactly want to go near them.

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