By ouch / Saturday 15 June 2013 04:48 / United States - Wilmington
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My cat decided to join me in the bathtub when he was a kitten... Few years later same thing.... He joins me in the bathroom every now and then, but he is much smarter and better behaved


@27, I had a kitten who liked to jump in while I was taking a shower too. He didn't even mind getting wet. He never scratched or bit any of us either, not even when my mom stepped on his tail. We lost him in a move. My cousin brought him out and a loud truck scared him into hiding. She SAYS he bit her and ran off... The little liar. She was just jealous. Cats rule :)

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Even when I shut the door myself, my door won't stay shut. I have a bad door handle and my parents refuse to get a new one. My cat does this to me EVERY MORNING when I have to go potty. He'll shove his whole body at the door, open it, and jump In my lap. It's completely weird.

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