By anamota89 - 11/05/2012 09:33 - United States

Today, I was on the phone with my boyfriend. I had to fart really badly, so thinking that he wouldn't hear me, I did so. He heard me and asked, "Did you fart?" I said "No, it was my dog." I don't have a dog, and he knows this. FML
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What's wrong with a plain old "What? What are you talking about"? Is it too mainstream?

ddeathbombb 5

Do you have a cat lol


ddeathbombb 5

Do you have a cat lol

Of course she has a cat! ...just not the kind that meows. Whoop!

mrlopez 13

That kind of cat doesn't fart, unfortunately.

Yes they do. It's called a Queef. (I probably misspelled that)

What!? That's disgusting! Your penis doesn't fart, right?

Killuhk 8

Well OP you should have said "NO!!! Did YOU fart???!"

OP, while your boyfriend was talking you could have pressed mute for a second so that you could still hear him, but he didn't hear your fart.

lol70720 5

Something a 10 year old would say.

alejandratx 8


Should've started talking really loud like that one episode of family guy.

Should of put the phone down and said it cut off

OP, you should have said it was a duck outside your window!

Did u fart no a duck desited to cone to my window and atart farting

panikkattackk 9

Why would you even say that then lolol?

Instinct most likely lol

I'm pretty sure OP didn't "Laugh out loud out loud", hence the FML.

What's wrong with farting behind closed doors?

56- because it keeps the fart inside

92- that's fuckin hilarious man touché

You could've just clicked the mute button..

What's wrong with a plain old "What? What are you talking about"? Is it too mainstream?

What what in your butt?

What happens if they ask you to make the faux fart noise again? O.o

Let's just be grateful he can't smell it, you may still have a chance!

I would have dumped her even if I heard it over the phone

Then you're pretty shallow. Girls fart too, get over it.

nofearjenshere 12

And poop! In fact... *flushes*

Yeah, but girls only poop rose petals.. It's true, apparently, it's science and stuff.

plum_lovin 28


It was a joke, I actually wouldn't make a big deal out of it!

94-Shallow much? Sometimes you can not help it. I am going through a time where I can not help it all. Whoops. TMI

Well now you're embarrassed and you made yourself look stupid. Why not just admit to it? As a guy, I can say he would most likely laugh it off.

Hmmm. Okay. Maybe it's a female thing. The vast majority of guys, if they admitted to it would laugh, and probably even make a game out of it. Or maybe I'm just weird like that.

olpally 32

The hitdude- I think it's hilarious, when you love someone, you learn to love the gas... :D haha, go ahead op, fart away! Lmao

"Yes, Dad. I farted. So how was your day?"

peachesncreem 21

I fart in front of my boyfriend D: does that make me weird?

I fart in front of my boyfriend too. Giving him the 10 second countdown of course in case he wants to make a quick escape.

What's a few farts among friends? °_•

OhDearBetrayal 25

It's because most girls want to keep the male belief that girls don't fart alive...

7 - Then we would have had another fml saying " I admitted to my boyfriend that I farted over the phone while talking to him, and he can't stop laughing" with many YDI votes.

What did you even think? That's one of the worse I have heard. If you just were honest at the start it would have gone better

Dude it's an FML.. People are meant to fail

FMLshark 12

The sense of humor is weak with this one.

Steve95401 49

How about using the "mute" button on your phone?

Not all phones have it. OP shouldn't be that embarrassed, everyone does it.

Or covering the mouth piece or turning on music... There are a lot of things she could've done to avoid that situation.

Stop over analyzing it; how about just cut the crap and fart right in the mouth piece god damn it.

Marcella1016 31

Even if there is no mute button, how hard is it to fart silently? Or is that just some magical skill that I have and no one else does?

You could have just put your hand over the mouthpiece...

Be proud of the farts of loud!! A sense of humor is a good thing!