By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was on the phone with my best guy friend, who I have loved for years. I was talking about school and all of a sudden he said "I love you." I flipped out saying "Oh my god, oh my god. I love you, too!" He responded with "what?" He was talking to his mom, who was walking out the door. FML
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  farhil  |  14

Wouldnt the he say it in a different tone to his mom when she's leaving? If you play the scenario out in your mind, the only way this could work is if OP is an idiot, or if the guy wanted to get it on with his mom.

  Topasofmagic  |  17

Had a similar thing happening to me. I used to "sext" with a guy friend of mine who I have crush on for the last 2 years(not a 'omg, I can't talk to him unless become red as a tomato' crush). Before we started "sexting", we had an inside joke between us and a few people that started a few months ago in the class that we were girlfriend/boyfriend. He then started texting me after a while with mildly dirty texts. After a while I started joining in on being dirty and soon it evolved to sexting. Anyway, I was getting a bit confused after a while, unsure if he really meant it, though in the start I knew he only wanted to be friends, so I stupidly enough showed the texts to my mom and sister, which ended with them encouraging me that he liked me too. So a week after we were alone, and I took the opportunity to ask him how he felt about me after I confessed that I had a crush on him.
No, no he did not think of me like that, but we should still be friends.
He has ignored me since then. (About 2 weeks ago).

Sorry if this was a little long, but I really needed to get it out! :^l