By Meg - 15/07/2011 22:24 - United States

Today, I was on the elevator at work. As it descended, a roach started scurrying about around my feet. I freaked out and started screaming, hitting the panic button without thinking. Now I'm facing a hefty fine for using the panic button when there wasn't a "real" emergency. FML
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A roach! OMG. ok I got this, I'll press the panic button instead of stepping on it!

You owned yourself bro!


did stepping on it ever come into mind?

honestly guys which one of us WOULDN'T have done something like that or similar in that situation?

-17 me, my friends, the president, my grandmother, and every person without a deathful fear of something 1/1000 your size?


fanceh- maybe OP was too scared to even go near it, let alone step on it.

flockz 19

bet the guys on the security camera were laughing their asses off. at least u made someone's day op.

size is not a factor things 1/100000000 the size of us can kill us.(ex cancer, coronary artery disease, etc etc)

-30 Sir it was meant as a joke, an I doubt the roach was caring a deadly human disease.


Today, while making my way to the kitchen, i decided to take the elevator rather than crawl through the cracks of the building. Once i got in there, some crazy human chick started screaming and psychotically pressing a button. I frantically held onto her shoe, scared by her constant shreiking. Now im dead... FML

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35- Today, im a roach. FML

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oh you guys and your witty comments


39- Ya, gotta agree with you there...

30. The trick is to not be scared of something. A person needs to conquer their fears. Phobias are curable, I know I cured my arachnophobia in a day.

30, 1/100000000 of the human body is roughly the size of an individual atom. An individual atom will not kill you my friend. So congrats, you no longer have to fear things 1/100000000 your size!

-60 Ever heard of a particle accelerator? I heard somewhere (tell me if I'm wrong) that it has a lot of radiation, enough t o kill you. But would that count ? Ahh the mysteries of life I could google but too lazy to do...

particle accelorators arent usually found in your everyday elevator, but i see what youre saying. i walked into one at the grocery store once but he was friendly and didnt harm me

-68 Good I her some of them are really mean though, my cousin got stabbed by ones antenna!

:O Its always the bad ones ya hear about i tell ya. Particle accelerators these days...

Fuck hide yo Kids hide yo wife and hide the family dog because ***** about to go down.

flockz 19

ya u might get scooped up by an owl watch out!

-77 That's why I dont go owling, some poor person might die of shock of a life sized owl!

flockz 19

ya thats why i take baskets full of kittens for the owls to feast on. (hides and waits for trolls to attack comment about death of kittens)

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53 - Care to explain?

I basically dumped a cup of spiders on myself and said **** it. If I want to do what I wanna do in life I can't be scared of something that ******* small. People shouldn't be afraid, it feels so much better not to be.

Squishing it would've been worst- it would've cracked and it's guts would've got all over their work shoes. I slapped a bug away from by hand, and it was rather big. It got all over me.

in hong kong cockroaches are huge and if you step on them they make the most disgusting popping noise *shudder* (side note not saying OP is in HK)

-100 Your so losing it's not even funny

Losing at what. I'm sorry I'm not some queer little virgin bitch. whether my comments get + thumbs or not really doesn't matter to me.

132. It is *You're... You just lost.

^^ hey take it easy hes not himself lately

-148 I lost at grammar, on the other hand he's losing at life, it accidentally auto corrected from lieing.

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You owned yourself bro!

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oh the irony of stupidity.

jackiemoonthepro 5

lol bet op is a woman

-66 I bet it was your dad who I totally did last night, just stereotyping... And yes I'm being a troll

idontcare8l 3

haha nyan cat now comes in hd fuzzyness

#2 I realized something here. you get auto correct when you really don't want it but it only doesn't work when you're trying to make a point.

Muphry's Law (spelling intended) at work.

That's some serious shyt.

Lauren10102 3

Wow, I have been sitting here for like five minutes trying to figure out what "S-H-Y-T" could possibly stand for until I realized it was just an idiotic way of stating an unnecessary comment. Now THAT'S some serious shit.

I have never seen shit spelled shyt. whyl would you replace the "i" with a "y"? if you're going to curse spell it right! it's like spelling **** like ***** it looks stupid

36 I think that was a typo. Now on my keyboard the 'y' key is pretty close to the 'i' key. Unless you were just trying to be a cynical asshole, please take a damn chill pill.

You're a real isiot shyt

A lot of people form a habit of saying shyt rather than shit so they can go around filters on certain websites

Sorry. Didn't realize I'm normal and make mistakes. My bad.

a_nutritionist 10

do you also consider the entire comment a mistake? because i dont even see how 'thats some serious shit' applies in this situation. its about as serious as a parking fine. so, not very.

I put what I think. Simple. So no, I don't consider it a mistake. I see no problem with my comment. I would freak out if I was her too. A lot of girls most likely would.

hisgirlherboy 5

125- yeah but that's a sterotype (sorry grammar nazis for spelling) I wouldn't freak put I'm a girl, my older brother would freak out instead

Call the FBI!!!!!!

Do u have a phobia about roaches because that's a little too much to panic about

so ya stop the elevator instead of getting off earlier now ur stuck woth the roach....GENIUS

that definatly is someting to panic about:OO.. i have a phobia of roaches.. their sick! lol

martialart1st18 19

Op said "real" as if she thought they were stupid for saying it wasn't a real emergency.

A roach! OMG. ok I got this, I'll press the panic button instead of stepping on it!

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yeah because it would have been so hard just to step on the damn thing.

-19 Dude they might stab you with their antennae and eat you! They are no loling matter.

"I'll cut you so bad, you, you're gonna wish I didn't cut you so bad." Sorry, I had to make a Family Guy quote.

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what kind of roach?

-140 Cock Roach? referring to a small penis

57 don't worry it's appropriate! OP's username is Meg

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Smh roaches are very dirty!

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ignore it and go on with your day, you're in a workplace.

Lulblast 4

What a pansy. Seriously, if you are an insectophobic, then just cower in the corner.

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*looks at her name* *Peter Griffin voice* Damn it Meg!

YDI for freaking out. You could have atleast moved out of the way or get off the elevator.

or leave the roach alone, srrsly it's like a half inch long

mintcar 9

Pwned. More points for the roach If you failed to kill it.

it tomahwak'd her. The fine was the humiliation, and put her out of the money

It always amazes me that people will scream at the sight of bugs. They scare me shitless, but I just kinda stand there paralyzed with fear, mentally willing them to die.