By Anonymous - Australia
Today, I was on the bus, when an elderly woman stepped in. She looked too weak to stand. She looked at me with her sad puppy eyes, expecting me to give up my seat for her. I felt sorry and got up. As soon as she sat down, she says, "Ha! Sucker!" She didn't look so cute anymore. FML
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  mercilessadi  |  0

Today,while entering the bus,I saw a very fat gal sittin on a dildo. I got jealous and made a sad face. Seeing me cry she took the dildo out of her vagina and put in her mouth. She stood up for me so that I can sit n finger my dick(oh I forgot to tell am bisexual). I laughed n said to her ha u suck good. She then sucked the driver instead of me. Fml

Yah all u fackas bury me
Bury me deep n I feel burt for u

  congratz13  |  2

#84 No, not everyone is fighting to be the first commenter. It's entirely probable that #8 just thought it was stupid that they had to announce being first, and told them that it really isn't that big of an accomplishment.

@ OP I hit "fyl" but Hahahaha that was awesome!

  mekeskidi_fml  |  0

You did the right thing giving your seat to an elder woman. But the next time, if it happens again, you should fart (or at least simulate a big loud fart), or cough or sneeze to her face.

  null_fml  |  11

I agree with this. Where I'm from, an old person can't even get NEAR a bus without three or four people standing up.

Okay that might be a slight exaggeration, but seriously I've never seen an old person have to stand.

  NeatNit  |  32

Where I'm from it's not... still, I try to notice and get up when I see someone.

One time I think I offended someone... She wasn't too old, just her 40s-50s of her life. I just believe we should respect our elders, even if the age difference isn't huge. I mean, she's my parents' she.

She obviously took it the wrong way but she wasn't mean about it. She just blushed and took the seat unconformably, embarrassed.

I felt guilty that day.

By  catriona_cd  |  0

bloody victorians :) your suppose to stand and give her the seat without waiting hahaha
come to think i heard they were going to try to fine ppl who didnt do that down there.
Jeff Kennetts responsible, for everything that goes wrong (from the song "Bloody Jeff).