By ouch - 12/08/2011 20:10 - United States

Today, I was on the bus when a really cute guy came on. The only seat left was the one next to me, so I smiled and waited for him to sit down. He looked at the seat, looked at me, and opted to stand until his stop. FML
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Do you happen to look like the Grinch?

saIty 17

Maybe you shouldn't try to smile like a creep.


damn most hot guys are douche bags anyways.

CatEyes66 0

"You smiled and waited for him to sit down" sounds a little creepy.

We totally wrote the same comment :D

Are you two going to have sex now?

That's pretty offensive to hot guys, 1.

He was probably gay :P

Pixxio_O 11

Rape him in his sleep :)

Maybe he had just pulled his butt muscle reaching for his computer mouse so he couldn't sit down.


1- that's profiling and profiling is wrong.

25 - are you trying to suggest you're a hot guy and therefore 1's comment offends you?

Andrew1122 0

Today, I got on the bus on the way home from the gym and the only seat open was one next to a really ugly girl giving me a creepy smile. FML

It's like saying hot girls are sluts, or black people are stupid. Not only are they stereotypes, they're also ridiculous, antiquated, and lacking in truth.

47- :o great minds think alike!

MakeItStopWtf 12

Stupid minds think alike as well...

Do you happen to look like the Grinch?

Maybe she looked like a Telly tubby with red eyes

bthomas0319 2

Green or hairy?

andy_l 14

Here's a tip: the more uninterested you are in a guy, the more attracted they are to you.

LiveLaughFML 10

maybe he thought you were a really cute girl and was nervous to sit down beside you(;

^^ I really hate sitting next to a really cute girl on the bus and not being able to start up a conversation :(

FMLx1oooooo 0

Not really...

Pixxio_O 11

Maybe standing gives him pleasure...

btnhdude 0

^ Looks like the big sister of the little girl from Toy Story 3.

LiveLaughFML 10

#78 that's why you get her # and text her to avoid the awkwardness on the phone :S

104- How do you get her number in the first place?

I hate sitting next to strangers. He must be a responsible man, and didn't want to sit next to strangers. Or he's shy. Or he has a girlfriend. Or thought it'd be fine just to be next to you. It's probably not you, OP.

#127 you say " Your cute can I get your number?" Either she does or runs of the bus.

natas_fml 13

#79 - holy shit, it's Bobby Hill!

72 I disagree, if she's not interested don't bother her, and if she is then it's a green light.

She probably looked like Deena from Jersey Shore, except a little more troll like.

Aww!! Jerks aren't worth it.

Well no. What if he was being courteous? What if he wanted another female to sit there?

Matias_Says_FML 4

Yes yes, thank you #34. OP could've just exaggerated to have it in her favor.

Lol I misread your "jerks" for "Jesus".

dyble95 0

Personally I wouldn't have sat either because if there was only one seat left I would just stand and let some one else sit when they get on. I have 3 reasons why: 1. I am way to nerves to sit by any even remotely hot girl that I don't know (not because I thing I'm really ugly or something I just have bad anxiety on some things) 2. Standing is good for me and I don't have to much time for anything physical so I might as well stand when I can not do anything else 3. Unless in with friends I actually enjoy standing on busses :P Does this make me a jerk?

3 ge easily could have been just shy.

starryxeyes 2

I agree with the other replies, it's more than likely not just a simple case of him being a jerk. As others suggested, he may have been shy or maybe he has a girlfriend and didn't want to take the chance of someone he knows getting on and getting the wrong idea or something... As for the OP, this is really neither a fyl or ydi, it's more of a just get over it. Unless this happens frequently, there's no need to get upset and automatically assume his reasoning for not sitting by you is because you're unattractive or something.

Gosh! Such a JERK for having free will. Moron

aFatFuck 0

Personally, I don't like to sit in the bus or subway, could have also been becaue his stop was close or he thought an older person would get better use. :/

it's not you. it's him

Also don't stare like you care and the hissing doesn't help either

flockz 19

or maybe he thought that she was occupying both seats with her ass.

SOD_sonofdixie 5

nope.. it's probably you

saIty 17

Maybe you shouldn't try to smile like a creep.

I'd actually be more inclined to start up a conversation with a strange girl on the bus if she was smiling at me than if she looked like this >:( I don't get the whole "play hard to get" bs if a cute girl smiles at me I sure as hell will smile back and that leads to a conversation much more often than if the person is glaring at me.

andiecormier 0

Aww he was probably a jerk anyways

12em12 1

Today at my school, there was a cute guy in my class,I pretty much stared at him the whole time. He didn't notice me.

daysgoby902 6

did you really just change your picture

ilikepieandpie 11

No why?

tweetypie 18

Wait did you write this because your FML wasn't posted?

damn most hot guys are douche bags anyways.

The world may never know.

He didn't want you to smell his disgusting mansweat for fear of causing a bus riot. There. Did that make you feel better?

damnalltheasshol 0

see now that's funny

Yu never know, maybe he was too nervous to sit next to ya ;)

omg we totally wrote the same comment.... I feel a connection right heree ;) tehehehehe

Maybe because you're the same person?

Maybe you came on a little too strong with that stare.