By ricky the sage - United Kingdom - Coventry
Today, I was on the bus, heading to work, when the girl beside me started yelling at me, claiming I was staring down her shirt. I did no such thing, but the driver nonetheless stopped the bus and made me get off, all under the withering glares of the other passengers. FML
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  littlem91  |  29

I second the gay idea, it was clearly the best way to make it obvious to everyone that she's a lying idiot. Preferably not "I'm gay", more " I don't need to, my boyfriend is enough for me" - sounds less made up on the spot.

  \  |  28

An actual event:
Girl: "Hey I heard you have boobies!"
Me: "I heard YOU don't." :)

  SoliDSt33L  |  33

I agree with provei; they are grammatically correct. WellThatSucked89, you should consider researching an example of a run-on sentence. I understood, corrected, and mastered run-on sentences during my intermediate years of schooling. If one were to rid the commas of the FML, it would look like a jumbled mess of words.

By  anjila77  |  6

You pervert! Haha you should have just told her politely " mam i was doing no such thing, i think you have yourself in a state of paranoia" or just a "get over yourself lady" would have worked fine