By chickennbenchpress - 31/05/2011 17:05 - Canada

Today, I was on my third date with a really hot girl. A guy walked by singing the Pokémon theme song. She started making fun of the guy, mocking his immaturity. I joined in order to keep the conversation going. Everything was going great but then my phone rang. It was the Pokémon theme song. FML
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she sounds like a bitch anyway. then again so do you.

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Be yourself around people, they won't like you for who you want to be, but ho you really are.

i wanna be the very best, like no one ever was! to catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause!

I will travel across the land, Searching far and wide Each pokemon to understand The power that's inside...

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I'm sixteen and I still playing Pokémon. Big deal.

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JustinThunder ruined it. D:

poop... now the song will never continue...

Gotta catch em' All!!!! ö

if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all.

pokemon video games are the best lol

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I don't see the FML. If the girl doesn't appreciate a good Pokémon guy, she sucks. Epic kid used Sing! Suckish date flinched! Epic kid #2 used Sing! Suckish date Fainted! Epic Kids win! ...And you eventually meet an awesome, Poké-Loving date.

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so you were just, like, copying her? someone has tiny "poke-balls"....

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I'm sorry but it's quite sad you've gone to the trouble to include the accent in 'pokemon.' I wasn't even aware there was one.

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who doesn't live pokem0n.

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To 127: It's sad that the went to the trouble to spell a highly recognized and trademarked name correctly? Wow. You must be in the Dropped On My Head as an Infant category.

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*they. My apologies.

Tadeusz_fml 5

I object to people going to the trouble to spell pokemon with the accent but without the little TM sign and spelling naive without the umlaut and so on. It shows they have more respect for pokemon than general grammar. Also on this page people have positioned the accent in two separate ways which means some people have gone to a lot of trouble just to be wrong.

Tadeusz_fml 5

I wasn't dropped on my head so much as thrown violently against a wall.

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On that note, my phone spells naïve with the accent automatically. (: As for the rest, I don't know that the accent in Pokemon (phone won't accent that one) is necessarily a grammatical error or an issue of copyright infringement. So that being said, I apologize for my rudeness. I must have been thrown at a wall, too.

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Oh god. I laughed at your comment 149 hehehe.

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Hey us all a favor and shut the fuck up!

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127- Me? It's called I-can-and-I'[email protected]$$-so-I-will.

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PoketMonsters FTW

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pokèmon™ lol yea i went to all the trouble

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It wasn't even an attempt at a correction.

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hell if you don't like pokemon you can just gtfo. Also if you don't like meat balls you can also gtfo

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I'm so bummed someone ruined the singing before I came in =( But OP: You're an idiot, dude. You like Pokemon, but lied to impress a hot girl. Pathetic, just pathetic. I can 100% guarantee you that you can like Pokemon and date a hot girl. My previous two girlfriends loooove Pokemon, though I think one of them only got back into it because of me. And they were both incredibly gorgeous. My current girlfriend doesn't like Pokemon, but she likes that I do, even though I'm almost 21, just like I like that she loves Beauty and the Beast the way she does at 25. How long did you expect that relationship to last, if you can't even be yourself around her. I'm not saying geek-out and go all poke-nerd on your date, but at least don't pretend to find it ridiculous as well, when you obviously don't.

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I want to be, the very best like no one ever was...

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Hahaha, the irony.

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tell her it was a joke

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the old pokemon series are freakin epic haha and the game is awesome

i wanna be the very best. like no one ever was. to catch them is my real quest. to train them is my cause... Pokemon! I will travel across the land. teach pokemon to undertand the power that's inside... pokemon! gotta catch 'em all! lmao. this is what having 4 little brothers foes to you!

239 - too bad it wasnt the right accent though eh :P It's "Pokémon", not "Pokèmon" ^.^ On a side note, I can do lots of accents. á â à ä á ã é è ê ë ė ē See? It's not that much trouble :P

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you should've been like "yeah about this ringtone I just put it nw for the hell of it"

which one? hopefully it wasn't a newer one. those suck.

Pokemon is like std's gotta catch em all then trade them to your friends. (no I don't play Pokemon)

JT, my boyfriend and I are eighteen and we play Pokèmon still. We even talk on the phone while playing just too how far along each other are, or just to talk about how we miss the original series. People can say we have no lives, but that's them. It's something else we have in common, big whoop. But the OP is sad for making fun of someone humming the theme song, then letting his date find out he had the ringtone. Grow a back bone OP.

There's all this talk and singing of the Pokemon theme song it seems we have forgotten the oh so famous Team Rocket song. :(

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@41 your advice is misleading, it makes people think that everyone will like them for who they are, which is false. more correctly, you shouldnt bother with those who dont like you for who you are. but then you may end up with very few friends depending on who you really a balance of being yourself and being who people want you to be is necessary. to go insulting or talking badly about those who do something you enjoy doing though...thats not a good balance.

318. i think i love you... hahaha, no, but your comment was hilarious.

I love Pokémon! My ex and I used to have hour long conversations about pokémon... guess I just gotta find another pokémon lover like myself (:

I love Pokémon! My ex and I used to have hour long conversations about pokémon... guess I just gotta find another pokémon lover like myself (:

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y does everyone hate this comment??

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She might be...I mean she identified it.

Pokémon! Gotta catch 'em all! :D

Pokemon is amazing! Screw the haters!!

Pokemon, gotta catch em all! It's you and me. I know it's my destiny!

she sounds like a bitch anyway. then again so do you.

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Seriously! Why make fun of someone for it? They like it, it's all good. Shit, my boyfriend had a Pokemon ringtone when we were fifteen; good memories. It was fun to watch and play as a kid, no problem in remembering the good old days. (: OP: Kudos on the ringtone, don't let her get you down. (:

yea im pretty sure shed be sad if sum1 started making fun of her for a song she was singing

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Nah he's not a bitch, more of a tool. The fact he made fun of someone for singing the theme song when it was his ringtone is just sad. You're pathetic OP.

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"yea, I'm pretty sure she's be sad if someone started making fun of her for a song she was singing." But yes, I agree. She is a bitch and Op is a sad ass kisser.

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47, correction fail.

I don't think they were correcting. just trying to quote.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure she'd be sad if someone made fun of her because of the song she was singing"

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Make her suck you poke-balls

SkyHiLyfe_808 0

89, it was a attempt at a correction. Using the word "but" as the first word of the next sentence is not only grammatically incorrect, but also a context clue that said "quoting" was supposed to correct the person who made the original statement.

futtbuck101 1

*an attempt

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138, quit trying to sound smart. No one can follow what you are saying.

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Who gives a fuck how someone types. it's pretty pathetic that you're so concerned about someones grammar. It's FML, get over it

Cleveland Brown commands you all to shut the delicatessen up.

138: Actually, beginning a sentence with a conjunction is acceptable in this case. It's called an anapodoton, and its admissibility is a matter of style rather than absolute rule. In casual text like this, anapodotons are perfectly fine. But I wouldn't use them in any scholarly articles. Of course, none of that excuses 47's typos/spelling errors and lack of proper punctuation.

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She's not good enough for you man. There's nothing wrong with liking polemic when your an adult.

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alright people this isnt english class calm down

265- Polemic? The fuck is that?

guess he won't be .. catching em all :p

I would of smiled then laughed, pretending that I ment to do that

I hate being a Grammar Nazi. Its a sick, sick disease, but 110 forgot the period at the end of that sentence. If you're going to correct someones grammar and punctuation, at least remember to punctuate the correction.

"If you're going to correct someone's* grammar..."

it's better than Friday

And its only wednesday!

138 got owned.

she's not a bitch, she just doesn't "wanna be the very best like no one ever was"

Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday

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397 cleverrrrr

YDI, should of turned phone off right as you were talking about that.

40 yeah because the first thing a guy thinks about when talking to a girl is turning off their ring tone. -.-

71, he was making fun of the Pokemon theme song with the girl, and he obviously new it was his ring tone. When the mocking started, he could have stealthily flipped his phone on vibrate or turned it off.

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definitely deserved it, seeing how you made fun of your own interest just to impress some "really hot girl".....

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u should of been like “I bet that's what that fag has for a ringtone"

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You should have at least owned it; making fun of it and being that at once is just a double whack against yourself.

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Well she should know that you "gotta catch em all" xD

Gotta catch 'em all....well....looks like you're not catching this one. Better luck next time OP

hahahahahaha its mine too! :D

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I love that tune I don't know what's her deal

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me too! haha

Well she clearly knew the tune, she might secretly like it too :p

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hahaha I was walking down the street yesterday singing pokemon with my friends. we are all 18-20 years old lol pokemon is awesome.

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lol I love pokemon

minidinosaurgoes 9

i need to know you :D

Pokemon = Awesome!

I love pokemon too :) stupid shallow girl!

Gotta catch'em all...

gotta catch 'em all! :]

I want to be the very best! That no one ever was!

to catch them is my real test to train them is my cause!!

i will travel across the land searching far and wide

i will travel across the land searching far and wide

i will travel across the land searching far and wide

i will travel across the land searching far and wide

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I bet your text ringtone was the pokéball opening.

1215116a 14

Or a 'Pikachu'! :)

now that's just lame

As soon as I saw this, I make the Pokéball opening noise my text tone :)

lmao dayum that sucks lol :p

You're phone just wanted to help.

*Guy walks in* "I wanna be the very best like no one ever was!!" "Haha what a loser" "I know right!" *Phone starts ringing* "Don't talk to me....."

I don't know why this guy got so many downvotes. I thought this was funny.

minidinosaurgoes 9

YOU would..... it's an insult to poke lover everywhere!!!!

to catch them is my real quest to train them is my cause

^^ I think I messed up. idr if it was test or quest.

I want to be the very best! Like no one ever was! Catching them is my test! To train them is my cause!

lucas755 1

To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause...

Those attempts were somewhat unsuccesful xD

Wow, you're spineless. Good job. *golf clap*

this is off topic of the FML but crazy KDR. Network or Live?

More wood for their fires, loud neighbors? Flashlight reveries caught in the headlights of a truck...