By ID10t - 10/11/2009 05:24 - United States

Today, I was on my back porch having a cigarette. Not being all that awake yet, I threw the butt, still smoldering, on the ground. Did I remember that there was an ashtray right next to me? No. I did what I would do at work: I stamped it out. Barefoot. FML
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KarelPhoenix 0

You sir, are an idiot. Smoking kills. Dx

1st person is right. I shall wait for the 'I smoked and now I have lung cancer' FML.


oh boo hoo so you had slight foot pain for like 3 seconds

KarelPhoenix 0

You sir, are an idiot. Smoking kills. Dx

greenltrn2003 0

I may be an idiot sir, but there is one thing that I am not, and that sir is an idiot.

lol, your family guy reference made me laugh


greenltrn2003 0

haha at least u got it.... sweet

evangldbrg 0

Early in the morning, risin' to the street Light me up that cigarette and I'll put it out with my feet

'got to be a reason. A reason things went wrong... ->i forgot to put on my shoes

E40_fml 0

MMMMM the taste of smoke in the morning.

snagglepaste 0

Creedence! yeah 95 or whatever...

#2 did u read OPs name?

1st person is right. I shall wait for the 'I smoked and now I have lung cancer' FML.

Mx_Rider 6

ydi for smoking, harsh huh? o well black lunged op xD

this^ smoking is as stupid as dipping your penis in luiquid nitrogen. YDI. also, ever heard of coffee?

TJStarzZ 8

"The one thing I do everyday at work, stamp it out. Barefoot"? You step on cigarette butts barefoot at work, and you're making an FML about doing this in your backyard...? If I could choose my words correctly, I'd state why, but until then, YDI for just being plain stupid.

snagglepaste 0

no idiot, he stamps it out with his shoes on at work, but he forgot he didn't have shoes on in the morning.

Learn to read before you call others idiots #6.

27BronxBombers 12

#146- actually #6 is right about the wording not being right. The OP makes it sound as if he stamps it out at work barefoot.

153, the thing is, he sounds like he genuinely thought OP stamps cigarette ashes out barefoot at work.

Smoking kills. Also causes stupid accidents, such as this one, as a way of faster killing.

It doesn't cause all stupid accidents - your life being a prime counter-example, my narrow-minded friend.

yes. two more weeks of this ass holenes you'll be x_x

10, when did 7 say smoking was the cause of ALL stupid accidents?

ITT: Fucking morons who can't understand other peoples decision. It's like reading a tragic biography of a world war 2-era german soldier and saying "shouldn't have fought for the wrong side, lol!". Just fuck off. Any FML story involving a cigarette turns into a circle-jerk for straight edge kids. if you guys don't want to drink, smoke or do drugs, fine. But stop being arseholes to people who do. I'm not saying you're not entitled to express you're opinion, just don't be arseholes in doing so. That's all.

Did you seriously just ITT the comment section?

aero_fml 0

So basically all of the people who don't like cigarettes are straight edge, no drinking virgin kids living with their parents and going to church every Sunday? And you're telling US (the aforementioned virgin sober kids) to not be an asshole about it? Ok.

snagglepaste 0

I don't know what we're yelling about! Brick Tamland

Whatever. Smoking is a form of natural selection. If someone is willing to kill themselves I say let them. It only bothers me when they subject others to their poor lifestyle choices. As to this FML, it sounds like it sucked, but I mean you are stupid enough to smoke so why would I think that you are bright enough to stomp on a cigarette with shoes on? FYL for being stupid in general.

And I'm sure you have never done anything that is unhealthy or even a little bit dangerous.

I really don't get people who can light up a cigarette first thing in the morning while only half awake. Unless perhaps you want to get that lovely ash smell in your nostrils and on your clothes for the rest of day.

goddamit! first off, OP: how soft and pampered are your feet that a cigarette butt could burn them? Second: all you little straight edged fags who feel so proud that you dont smoke, congratulations. Now get the fuck of your high horses and stop being so goddam arrogant and judgemental of people who choose to smoke. Its a tough world and nobody lives forever, not even you little prissy people who hate on others for smoking.

It's not the smoking thing itself that bothers me. It's the using the world as your ashtray part. You can smoke all you want, just don't be a slob about it.

aero_fml 0

We're straight edge fags because smoking is only for cool kids