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  Today, I was on a third date with a girl. Things had been going really well. At one point, the conversation lulled. After a moment of silence, she asked me what my greatest fantasy was. I told her that it was being a superhero. She told me that she meant sexual fantasy. I'm 25. FML
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By  Jimboom  |  11

Well with a question like that your sure to be in there... but with an answer like that I'm not so sure anymore. Unless you could change it to some kind of kinky role-playing or something

But I would have said the same thing from a question like that and I'm 28. Superpowers FTW!

By  fleg  |  9

i think it's sweet.
and if i was her, i'd appreciate that you're enough of a decent guy to not be thinking about sex every second of the date. while it was your third, it's still nice to see a guy who's genuinely looking to get to know the girl before jumping in her pants.

and yeah, i would have said the same thing too. i want to fly!