By LifeFucksUsAll - 19/08/2009 19:44 - Canada

Today, I was on a date with a guy, we were sitting in a restaurant having a fairly good conversation, when I had to go to the washroom. I left the table and when I came back, he was gone. Along with my wallet and car keys. FML
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Uhhh, I never would have left my purse and keys.

YDI for leaving your wallet and keys with him. you set yourself up for disaster.


Uhhh, I never would have left my purse and keys.

Agreed. Never leave your purse with anyone unless you've known them for a long time. At least you (presumably) know this guy's name.

YDI for leaving your purse and keys on the table. Why on earth would you just leave it there?

agreed! why would you leave your purse? ALWAYS take it with you.

As everyone's saying, YDI for leaving your keys and wallet (who does that?) and FYL because ohhhh man, that's what, your identity, credit card, money, car, and everything else you have....EH

Agreed with everyone above me.

57 wins "Most Constructive Comment of the Year" award.

umm YDI for leaving your valuables alone with a date! if he was your boyfriend or husband then its ok but a date! wow. that does suck but seriously next time NEVER leave ur purse alone

what everyone thattaway said. ^^

First time with the guy is a big mistake :/ sucks

I'm wondering why the Hell you would leave your purse and keys with someone you don't know...

YDI for leaving your wallet and keys with him. you set yourself up for disaster.

it is ok to trust people, especially if you are dating them especially since it is so easy to call the cops on them

Well, this was the FIRST date, so it sounds with "on a date with this guy" (or at least, an early date). If it was her boyfriend, then she wouldn't have deserved it, but she put way too much trust in this random guy. But, at least it is like you said; she knows what he looks like.

19 i don't leave my stuff with my wife. not because i think she might steal them but. .i don't trust her to guard them. sometime tries to snatch from me I'm breaking their wrist.

oh that's horrible! how did you meet that loser!? I wouldn't have left my wallet/purse or keys

It's kinda YDI but also FYL. :/ You let your guard down, it was a date after all... If you acted fast, the police might have been able to help, I suppose...

Both YDI and FYL.

Who leaves their fucking purse, wallet, keys, etc. on the table. Don't you watch movies? Even fictional characters know better.

I'm surprised this FML didn't get more YDIs.

YDI You NEVER leave your purse behind. You are so uneducated

Stop going on blind dates...

As everyone else has said, you kind of deserved it for leaving your wallet and keys in the first place. Guys always ask me why women take their purses to the bathroom with them; you're an example of one good reason.

difference is guys who would say that are most likly a friend and trust worthy not a random person