By wtfisthisworldcomingto - 25/04/2011 12:11

Today, I was mugged. The guy mugging me was eating a banana. FML
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did he stab you with the banana?

FreebirdIII 1

That's important information. Tell the cops to search for banana breath.


did he stab you with the banana?

He got away by using the banana peel. Saw it on a high speed pursuit this morning, those poor cops never stood a chance. *sob*

xxxxshanexxxx 0


I've always said cops should be armed with red shells

I would have ate the banana.

of course you would

He mugs with style lol.

I'm assuming this means he robbed you with one hand... OP are you a disgusting blob of fat who is so weak they cannot even bring their spoon covered in porridge to their mouth? Oh , I thought so. You, sir, have no pancake mix. (probably because you ate it all)

LOL OMG ROFL OP got mugged by donkey kong!!!!!!

Ahahahahha 46 win

okay i have to ask. what does pancake mix have to do with anything?

christian50 0


120, since you asked, absolutely nothing.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Where is that pancake mix saying from? A black kid kept saying that over and over and it made me lul.

futtbuck101 1

I would've gone bananas

Banana_Pancakes6 0

151 - Just.. just fall in a hole or something..

#1 looks a lot like Katy Perry.

spartanfan68 0

hahahahahahahahaha I see what you did there lol you must be a monkeys uncle

was it a monkey like in how i met your mother?

this looks like a job for bananaman


u guys r misunderstanding the FML, the point is that the op was pissed that he was mugged so easily even with the mugger having one hand in use with the banana

im pretty sure they understand. they just have a sense of humor.

I loves Asians!!!

planbsponserme 2

always remember wrist control. once you have that, pull out your gun

Sniper_Fidelis 1

By the looks of it, you would have done way more than that.

#95 ROFL brilliant!

Marianette 0

probably a lot more, too.

damn! you're hot!

peanut butter jelly time!!

ucofresh 4

......... I kinda gotta go with LoL on this one. I am sorry you were mugged though.

ImaWiseGuy 5

after he was done did he make like a banana and split?

SmallyBigs 9


Thats some dam casual mugging.

iSitt 0

if you only had watched Monty python defense from fruit you would have known what to do.

m0tl3ycru3 0

don't underestimate the power of the might bannana

nimmrodel, that was precisely what I was thinking. well said sir

ucofresh 4

Damn.. way off topic but who else thinks 63 is hella hot? lol

ucofresh 4

Wow.. comment moderation is getting rather crazy. 63, you're still hot. Regardless the loser who moderated it! lol

FreebirdIII 1

That's important information. Tell the cops to search for banana breath.

LOOOL! funny :D

Yep, it will certainly help the investigation!! lol.

Takador 3

he should have gone Fruit Ninja on him

Don't go bananas over this!

Did you get mugged by a gorilla?

should have watched monty pithon cause they had a short about how to defend yourself against fresh fruit, and it was very educational

You were obviously too easy to mug.

ptxace 0

Banana = Swag.

r33dr4c3r 0

I approve of the comment above.

i approve of the comment above me for that person approving the comment above

horselove123 0

I don't know to laugh at this fml or not heh heh

I hope bees were around! Bananas smell like the alarm pheromone that bees give off to tell other bees "attack here!"

nerdytacos 3

lol, I've always wanted to slap someone with a banana although I don't know why...

mmsdrummer51 3

same here but for me its a large carp

aaaahahah you guys crack me up! lmao

sammiesam221 0

he had to get that potassium sometime

UmbraeCatervae 0

little young for that kinda profile pic juss sayin

she's nineteen, dude.


DeadxManxWalking 27

I like yours

pimplayer 0

lil girl change ur picture, before creeps start stalking you. dam shame your mom didn't teach you any better.

crengel 0

you're one year older....little old to be looking that closely at others pictures arn't we?!

freerun4life97 0

she looks likes she's twelve.

MarkFeehily 0

At least we know the mugger is trying to be healthy... one less thing to worry about! :P

wazupwolf 5

multitasking for the win

in your pic ur really really flat(as in boobs)so is blacky haha

you should learn to keep your eyes peeled for suspicious behaviour

thats punny :P lol

amberita28 0

lmao! Good one.

nice little pun you have there xD but yeah, that's epic :P

TheyCallMeShery 0

that pun was so bad it physically hurt me

Pizzamaster 0


crengel 0

racial undertones.....LOL (no offence meant by the way :/)

freerun4life97 0

THAT couldve been hilarious

At least you weren't mugged by a monkey.. THAT could have been embarrassing

I dunno monkeys can go ape shit

marissakmnn 0

I bet the guy could have looked like a monkey?:)

And as you tried to chase him you slipped on the banana peel and fell.