By ThatsNotGrass - Canada
Today, I was mowing the lawn while wearing gym shorts. Because I had no pockets, I tucked my phone into the waistband of my shorts. I didn't notice my phone had slipped until the lawnmower started making an awful sound. FML
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  JMichael  |  25

Oh gee idk 42. Maybe it's the fact his phone was missing and the lawnmower made a loud clunking noise. That's the conclusion I drew from the situation. But hey, I could be wrong you know.

  Aspen_Grace33  |  27

If he was using it for music, he'd almost certainly have to have in earphones to be able to hear it over the lawn mower. Then he would have known it fell out of his waistband by the tugging of the cord.

By  donutcallmethat  |  16

There are moments in life when your brain will alert you, that you are about to do, or are doing something stupid. Always pause and stop doing the thing, even though you may be tempted to ignore it. I learned this kernel of wisdom after many injuries and regrets.


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