By Kailey - United States
Today, I was moving into my new house. While trying to turn on the light in the bedroom, I realized I couldn't reach the string on the fan. I got a chair, climbed up, reached over, and fell badly. While writhing in agony on the floor, I looked over to see a light switch on the wall. FML
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  caticaticati  |  3

Hey PlasmaWafflez, I'd rather see a comment that says 'second' than your comments that use homosexuality as a way to insult someone. The word 'fag' is far, FAR more offensive to me than the word 'second.' And no, I am not a lesbian, I just have a lot of GLBT friends.

By  Tigg3r  |  3

wow. Epic fail. Well I guess it's better than the dude who held up his cat to replay a lion king scene when the ceiling fan was on. How do you fall off of a chair? Was it like a swivel chair? If it had been a regular chair I bet you wouldn't have fallen off.