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  onlychildFTW  |  33

That's how little kids work exactly. This will be a mortifying story when she's older and you are telling her future bf/fiancé. Haha.

One question though OP, why do that in the first place?

  grafeety  |  9

No, because I did a bunch of so called cute things similar to that when I was a kid. And when my father gives a toast he will be sure to tell everyone. What does pregnancy have to do with any of this?

  happyllama12  |  5

Yeah.. 12 years later from the girl----
Today, on my 12th birthday, I realized why everyone thinks I'm creepy. My parents brought me up letting me think I could honk random people's boobs. FML
I feel bad for her future if you don't figure something out.

  Eliseopwns  |  22

Her body will be ready.

  grafeety  |  9

I believe it was an attempted pun. Where engine is part of a car which has a horn which goes "HONK HONK". Needless to say it failed. Miserably.

By  xgetxbentx  |  13

Odds are she would have picked it up eventually even if she didn't see it from you.
When my friends daughter was about two she would grab her own chest and go "chi-chis" if she heard anything about boobs.
To this day (she's 4 now) we have no idea where she learned it.
Then about two months ago I accidentally got my 1 year old niece started on it after her mom and I were talking about the other little girl.
It'll be a funny story when she grows up.

  BlueFlatts  |  20

Yup, my guess is that something inappropriate like that was bound to happen in front of her eyes eventually. It could be worse, I wonder how long she'll do it for.