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  Reyo  |  2

I'm the same way with Robert Downey Jr. Do not, I repeat, do not get inbetween a man and his mancrush. If his mancrush is a band, so be it. Everybody needs one.

  cjammer  |  0

#2 fail. seriously. stop it.

OP, "messing around" and then saying FML to his response tells me that you were in fact not messing around, but attempting to have a serious conversation sugar-coated with levity. You really shouldn't fish for compliments. It only sets yourself up for disaster...because even if he said what you wanted to hear, you'd probably get mad that it took convincing for him to say so, and then you'd be bitching about him lying to you. Love is something that shouldn't be forced, and if you're forcing him to say it (all the while disguised as "messing around"), then you'll be disappointed. Let it come naturally. Besides, all conniving aside, if you were truly just "messing around", he probably was too. No FML here.

That being said, I love my husband, but Trent Reznor is a God. But it's cool. Because there's a difference between love of a person, and love of a concept/possession, especially music.

  falknir  |  0

Humm probably should worry, your boyfriend might be gay. I'm not implying that liking Guns And Roses is gay... but liking it more than your own girlfriend... And i guess that could be said about KISS too: a guy who likes a bunch of rockers with makeup better than his gf?!? what should you call that? i seriously have my doubts!


Not really, I feel more love for a band than the love I feel for any of my friends. And I sure as hell would like the band more than a boyfriend.
Music can always make me feel good, people can make me feel like shit.
I think music is the more loyal choice here.