By Anonymous - 22/05/2012 18:05 - Puerto Rico

Today, I was messing around in computer class, when somebody called my name from the hall. Trying to be smooth, I tried rolling my chair backwards out into the hall. The wheels wasted no time jamming and sending me crashing face-first into the floor in front of everyone. FML
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Smooth move high roller.

"trying to be smooth..." *clicks ydi*


Smooth move high roller.

Smooth as chunky peanut butter.

X_Codes 11

youtube/watch?v=XKQrHv2zpas Totally relevant.

The key words that make this a YDI: "...I was messing around..." "...trying to be smooth..."

Someone ****** up and replaced the old chair wheels with the ones from a Wal-Mart cart. You must've crossed a yellow line. Wal-Mart is serious about their carts.

Boygenius50 8

He's a keeper.

62... What are you talking about?

In this case, could YDI also stand for Your Damn Issue?

Boygenius50 8

Nope, right FML.

False. If you were moving backwards and the wheels jammed, you would have been sent flying backwards (cranium-first), not facefirst. Unless you broke the doggone laws of physics.

#5 that is what i always say!!!!!

xblair 11

I hope the chair is okay

Has anyone else thought of Dr. Stein from Soul Eater?

From Mr. Cool to Mr. Fool in the spin of a caster.

You are definitely smooth my friend!

You creative bastard..

How do you NOT deserve this?

Because it is a legitimate FML and you are being a dick. You act like you haven't had any embarrassing moments.

Because it was an accident. If I'm sitting in one of those chairs and someone calls my name I would do the same thing. It's not like the OP meant to fall on their face. Stop being an ass

It was prorbably a joke on da commenters part, right?

Snafuusmc 12

It was a trap from the very beginning...

Fitting profile picture.

Boygenius50 8

Hahahaha so great, love Ackbar

...and op then says, "I meant to do that! The floor just needed a hug."

"trying to be smooth..." *clicks ydi*

"Do or do not. There is no try. " -Yoda

Way to be smooth.

Sucks to be you!!! ~ OP

Love your pic #7! Hunger games FTW

nightowl713 25

Eh.. Embarrassing moments happen to everyone. Laughing it off is the best remedy. Your friends will laugh with you, and who cares about the rest? Feel better op!

I would have to love to see something like this xD. Oh well, seems like you're okay. That's what matters. (:

may651 14


You've been hit by A smooth criminal. Who turned you into An epic fail

may651 14

Yeah haters going to hate idc. Physiologically people are united by something to not like. I guess I am that person on FML.

I wasn't making fun of you for the record. And most people on FML dislike comments like "dumbass". Either that or they don't like cheerleaders. Try changing your picture and commenting techniques. Or not. Everybody's a critic, so at least one person will thumb you down. It happens.

may651 14

Lol I hate cheerleaders too. That is my grandpa and I on a walk for cancer for my mom. And this whole sight is about judging what everyone says. So i don't really car what people think.

Don't get so hurt 100, a mere 3 people thumbed you down.

I hate it when that happens... I hope that no permanent damage was done to your face!

Maybe the rough floor smoothed it down.

Are you trying to suggest that the OP's face is now gloriously shiny and smooth? :O

Well he did say he was trying to be "smooth"