By shut up. / Monday 11 November 2013 10:36 / New Zealand
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  kyu_Q  |  19

I'm finding it hard not to respond with something violent. I might have done what 15 suggest and beaten him with a dictionary. sorry 15 embellished a bit.

  w_introuble  |  25

I had a feeling it was a male colleague who said that, but it doesn't matter anyway, female or male, it's ridiculous! Can't believe some people. OP hope you educated that kid and hopefully in future they'll refrain from correcting someone without any knowledge about it.


You know what pisses me off more than people who make no effort to spell or use proper English?

People who nitpick at small mistakes. Seriously, do you have nothing better to do?

And #30, relax. Nobody is saying only girls make stupid mistakes. All they said is that's the impression they got from the FML. Does it even matter? The comment was stupid regardless of what gender said it.

Can't we all just get along?

  KeShahontas  |  1

I think the word snooty is what gives the impression that it was a female coworker. I've never heard someone refer to a guy as snooty, they're more inclined to use the word douchey. I could be wrong, of course.

  feven  |  32

Yeah we're fucked :( I feel like I'm becoming sucked into it too. Every time I see # I think hashtag... not numbers. This is only the beginning... only the beginning.

  bwinski  |  19

I agree with 103. this "gender war" and automatically saying someone is racist/sexist/something-ist is why our generation sucks. this PC BS needs to end. whatever happened to people saying what they think/feel? no wonder our generation has so many depression issues and is socially awkward. we can't express ourselves the way we should because the slightest thing might offend someone.

  BillMurray_fml  |  12

There's lots of crap that goes on at my work that makes me lol, so it wouldn't be THAT much if a stretch for me to say that...if I were one of those poor mindless drones who say "lol" in conversation because they've lost the ability to laugh.

  BillMurray_fml  |  12

Well #37, I had a nice chat with the guy who runs things up there, and apparently there's a lot of people who are stuck wandering around down here. He sent me back to catch them and send them on their way...he mentioned something about "not crossing streams" but I'm not sure what he meant by that!