By sarah4241 / Sunday 26 July 2015 21:04 / United Kingdom - Belfast
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  trollcrusher  |  17

I would actually check the stove-top burners first... what the heck does the oven have to do with cooking scrambled eggs? Since she was actively stirring them, I'm pretty sure she was trying to cook on a burner, not in the oven. Either I'm an utter dunce and missed some crucial detail, or both OP and her grandma were a bit confused, at least with their terminology.

By  rnarshmallow  |  21

Maybe she'll let you fry again later? Definitely not an eggcelent situation.
Cooking isn't all its cracked up to be huh?
Yokes on you!

You knew these were coming. On a serious note OP. My problem is that I forget to turn it off, undercooked eggs over burnt pan, am I right?

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