By anonymous - 09/03/2010 06:43 - Australia

Today, I was making out with my boyfriend. He suddenly pulls away, and goes, 'OMNOMNOMNOM' then continues kissing me. FML
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I would like to give him a hi5.

That is so cute. There should be a button for "WIN" on this blog. If my boyfriend did that, I'd OMNOM him right back and feel like a lucky girl. What's not to love? :)


I would like to give him a hi5.

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Tell him "NO"

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Move along, nothing to see here

yr bf likes how u taste how is that a fml?

lol I love saying that :) win for him

that's just epic

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this isn't an fml your bf is funny. lol if you don't want him I'll take him and have 2 bfs

anyone else tired of these fml's where the girl and her man are getting passionate and the boyfriend says something he's seen in an online forum? these aren't even fml's anymore....

They weren't FMLs to begin with. His sense of humour couldn't have ruined her day all that much if she continued kissing him. Who approved this?

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haha! that's something my boyfriend would do. cute!

lmfaooo your bf is awesome

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made an account to just tell u that u are a tard.

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ydi for not doing it back

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just walk away..

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Nummmy nummmy

could be worse, when my girlfriend least expects it I blow into he mouth and inflate her cheeks. and then we both laugh for a bit and pick up where we left off and she gets revenge. you take your love life too seriously if he offended you.

LOL. reminds me of the lol cats where they go nomnomnom!

54 I just posted a comment about that... there is at least 1 fml exactly like this every day, and then usually one that somehow involves hamsters. none of it's funny...

ydi for not having a sense of humor

um so? fyl for not having a sense of humor

@jollykilla what's on your head in your pic?..

it's some helmet to a 5-10 year olds armor set. we had a battle inside targets, I was forced to buy it and also I'm no longer allowed in that particular store.

haha awesome! I once had a battle with with rose floatie pool noddles at walmart I didn't get kicked out though ^_^

I don't think this is an FML either... cute :-) ommnomnomnom :-p

Haha me too.

lol, suck it up op that's cute.

I'm also not allowed at a specific walmart for riding the rascals across the street then down gamestops staircase when I was 15. :3 it sucks to be 20 I don't get to have the same fun :p

were they rose colored... or maybe they smelled like roses... or maybe just maybe they tasted like roses ommnomnomnom...just kidding :-P My iPhone now autocorrects ommnomnomnom which I find both humerous and slightly disturbing lol in other news, I almost got kicked out for starting a nerf war in the Walmart... a few employees even joined in :-P

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I've only been banned from a Bruger King for throwing glitter on the manager after he fired me after my first day of work.

111 lol it's funny huh it sometimes makes a weird noise tho hahaha

I've done that before... TELL HIM TO DO IT WHILE EATING YOU OUT!

haha I hear that. bein an adult isn't all it's cracked up to be

I guess you taste good?

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rofl...agrreed. but btw I don't see how this is an fml. just shut your yap and stop complaining.

Not an FML. Totally cute and something my BF does.

YDI for having a nose.

what the hell, YDI for having a nose... really?

Hahaha, I find this adorable for some reason. Your boyfriends win :)

wow ur an idiot

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lmao a nose?! what does that have to do with anything

she probably has a bug nose >;P

aww nooose... I have a nose too :-(

aaaaaah okieee and your point is??

I'm gonna disagree with people saying it's cute. But that's just me. I guess I'd tell him I'm not into it. He can't be expected to be psychic, and apparently, there are people who like this kind of thing. *Shrugs*

I would laugh so much at that, it's cute as!

Holy fuck, you're life sucks. Damn you for having a guy with a sense of humor. go get fucked you insensitive bitch. why are u complaining about that? grow the fuck up.

agreed without hesitation.

noooes he deleted his comment. but I would agree with this one too.

Can't you take a hint? He wanted to go down on you but you didn't respond correctly so he just kept doing what he was doing!

That's seriously a huge issue...?

That is so cute. There should be a button for "WIN" on this blog. If my boyfriend did that, I'd OMNOM him right back and feel like a lucky girl. What's not to love? :)

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I agree, that is cute

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I think it's funny, but cute? ehh