By Silverfeathery - United States - Lewiston
Today, I was making out with a guy in his car, when we decided we needed a minute of fresh air. We stepped out, only to completely lock ourselves out, with our phones and the keys inside. We had to smash a window. FML
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  DumbAndYoung  |  30

...That's the point. They couldn't call a locksmith to get into the car because their phones were in it. Therefore, they had to smash the window to unlock it themselves. Obviously, by that point, they did not need a locksmith anymore.



how did YOU reach this 'point'? to me it seems like 22 is not getting this point judging by how they are a responding to a comment that mocks people's attachment to phones and thus states they wouldn't have broken the windows if they had their phones. didn't say anything about calling a locksmith. #22 brought it up. like they were mocking the originals comment for mocking cell phone dependence by saying well it would be hard to call a locksmith without a phone (even if spoken with sarcasm, it still sounds like not needing a locksmith didnt occurr to them. either that or FML can't read the initial comment's sarcasm and it just ends with people being confused. idk. maybe I'm just being dumb though. I wouldn't put it past me. I can be a brick at times. luckily, being a brick has not yet become a full time job for me just yet.... OR has it....? hmm. *shrug*

By  manofmerr  |  27

Im very confused as to how you locked yourself out of the car with the keys... im not even joking, i read this three times and counting. I know it says that everything, including themselves, got locked out. Im pretty sure im not hallucinating. Is this a typo that everyone else is ignoring?

  devinaww  |  15

Maybe his car is a bit old and so they have a habit of pushing the lock down before leaving the car instead of auto-locking or using a remote?

  lysx84  |  24

I'm agreeing with you #6, I read this earlier and it said they'd locked themselves, their phones and the keys out. Now it seems to have been updated to make sense.

  manofmerr  |  27

I myself just reread it, and now it makes perfect sense. But either im not the only crazy one, or this really was edited since being posted. Can't say i ever saw that before.

By  ezrocks4u  |  29

The only thing that matters at this point is if he thinks it was worth it... If he thinks it was worth it, you might be able to keep him around for quite a while.

By  Arot6  |  17

You could have just called the police. A buddy of mine locked his keys in his car a few weeks ago and a cop was able to use this weird hook tool to unlock the car.

By  species4872  |  19

Time for an app so the phone will unlock the car.